A few days of Soylent and disappointed

My first immediate thought, is adjustment period. You’re only talking a couple of days, and a lot of people have had various issues their first few days. Personally I didn’t… but others have.

I think so much of how Soylent impacts someone, is personal. Personal biochemistry, physiology, hell even psychology. I would say when you do try it again, to start out slowly. I’m not sure from this post if you went cold-turkey 100% Soylent or not, but personally I’ve always thought that’s a really bad idea for a variety of reasons. I tend to suggest people start out replacing just a single meal per day (or adding a meal of Soylent, if they normally skip say breakfast for example). Then gradually add a second meal if desired, and even go 100% over time if one really wants to (I didn’t). But zero to Soylent-only just really is a hard transition for the body, IMO.

As for the texture… I have not noticed the grit like you describe since letting the batch soak overnight before adding the oil. Don’t know what approach you’re taking, but I find this works amazingly well. From time to time I do feel like I need a swig of water after Soylent, but it’s definitely in the minority.

Hope this helps!

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Some thoughts:

  1. Let the mix (powder and water) soak overnight before adding the oil
  2. Don’t quit cold-turkey on caffeine/other stimulants
  3. Try having a salty snack (potato chips, pretzels, etc) to see if the salt you’re adding isn’t quite enough.
  4. Make sure you’re keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  5. I ramped up on Soylent for a week or so. It went pretty well, and I didn’t get any of the potassium headaches.
  6. I drink a 500 cal portion of Soylent (1/4 a pouch/pitcher) at a time and call it a meal. I have one “meal” around breakfast and another for lunch. I’m currently eating traditional food for dinner. (One pitcher/pouch usually lasts me 2 days.)
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I haven’t tried official Soylent yet, but have you considered a blender bottle for your “clump” issue? They’re about $8. I use them for DIY.


I know just the thing. Take out your pocket watch, and swing it back and forth in front of your eyes. You’re getting sleepy…very sleepy. Now, send all your Soylent to ME! :smile:

Just kidding, my friend. I think Vanclute has the right idea. It could be just an adjustment period is needed. My DIY experience was crazy for about the first 10 days. It was noticeably better after just 4 days. I’m assuming Official Soylent is similar. I hope it works out for you.

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First few days are rough especially if you are used to more calories. The lack of energy may be your body not switching to fat-burning mode quickly enough.

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Do you know if you have a sensitivity to vanillin or sucralose or any other additives in Soylent? I had the same problem with Soylent as well as some DIY containing GNC Mega Men Sport (which has lactose, vanillin, and sucralose).

I tried taking some pure vanillin and experienced headaches and fatigue that day. I’m still investigating, but it seems likely that I have a sensitivity to it (on the other hand, sucralose did not seem to affect me).

You might try some to see how you react. I still have a bunch left that I’d be happy to mail to you if you’d like to experiment (I am very curious to see how reproducible this effect is, and I have no other use for the vanillin I bought).

Lumps: I’m using a different kind of pitcher which is shorter (a Frigoverre), and that makes it convenient to use a regular kitchen whisk to break up the clumps. Whisks are cheap!, and they do the job fast.

Also, put some water in your pitcher before you add the powder, or you’ll be a lot clumpier on the bottom.

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I mixed up some in a pitcher and didn’t do this…spent a good 5 mins with a wooden spoon scraping the bottom and shaking until I was a sweaty mess. Gonna try to start with some water this time haha!

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At least you’re getting your exercise!

I had a similar experience. I thought I was sick as well, and had almost all the same symptoms you did. My symptoms started let up after a week and after addressing some bowel issues it caused for me.

Have your bowel movements been good aside from the other issues?

livingparadox- I remember seeing some of your posts. What exactly did you end up doing to fix/address your bowel issues?


Hey @jamesmazur, just wanted to let you know I’m having a similar experience as you. No panic attacks, but since starting on Soylent Sat morning, I’ve felt drained and have experiences very light headaches. I feel especially drained about 5 to 10 minutes after starting a glass of Soylent. I tried drinking more water and adding salt, to no avail. Today, I’m trying taking a probiotic, and I’m also going to get some vanillin and sucralose to see if I have a sensitivity to those. FYI :slight_smile:


I add a 1g of soluble fiber to my pitcher of Soylent. It’s a 1/4 teaspoon of the brand I got. I can link you to my Soylent log if you want. I chronicled all my adventures and fixes there.

Thank You, I will be trying psylium husk as soon as I can get some.

You also said this “The desire not to have to sip it is reasonable. I’d prefer not to have to think about that every time I drink. If the extra fiber continues to solve my issue, I’ll try chugging it and see if I’m still fine.”

I prefer to drink mine really quickly. Did you ever test this? Are you able to drink quickly now?

I replied on my personal thread, to avoid derailing this one.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone! I’ll post an update eventually.

Hey there, I’m working on a story about whether Soylent is a good fuel source for athletes and I was wondering if you’d be willing to tell me a bit about your experiences using it while training for a marathon? You can reach me at ac dot shilton at gmail dot com. Thank you!

Welcome to the club, sorry that you have to be here with me. I gave it a solid couple months before I finally called it quits. Both @axcho’s and @livingparadox’s suggestions are good to try, even if they didn’t help me at all.

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So far, I’m happy with it.

I’ve been going almost a week now with a breakfast-only replacement.

I did feel a little grumble-tummy shortly after breakfast for the first few days, but that seems to have completely gone.

I do have to comment on the flatulence - yikes. It’s like a farm in here. :blush: Definite increase in volume and odor.

And, I hate to say it, bowl movements are more frequent and a lot more odiferous. Quite nasty, in fact.

Now, I can’t say this is 100% a Soylent thing, as I am only replacing breakfast, but I can’t say that I’ve done anything really different in my diet either. I try to eat reasonably decent things all the time, and that has not changed.

Point is… it definitely has an affect on your digestion, but you all know that. So far, I’m OK with it all.

Oh, and before I forget. I use the jug. Add ~150% of the water is suggests, add the power, shake the hell out of it, add the oil, shake the hell out of it, put it in the fridge for an hour, and shake the hell out of it.

Seems to work fine for me.

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It’s worth seeing how you like it with adding the oil after it’s sat in the fridge overnight. Most of us that have tried it have observed it to be MUCH creamier in texture this way (not that it was particularly bad or anything before, at least not from my POV) and it’s the way I do it every time now.