A Few issues with the campign website


The current homepage (www.soylent.me) redirects to the campaign. Because of this, anyone new to soylent brought in by the opportunity to fund (buy) it will not even know this forum exists. I would recommend adding a link to this forum if you plan on the main site redirecting to the campaign for awhile.

Another issue (although probably too late to do anything about this) is that the payment screen doesn’t ask for an address at all. I’m surprised that the credit card purchase went through as most places require a billing address along with a credit card number. How will you handle the shipping of rewards without addresses combined with payment information? Are you planning on emailing everyone individually for their shipping information? What are you plans for if someone’s email is compromised or closed between now and when you eventually ship their product?


When do I receive my reward? We’ll send you an email to collect your
shipping details; all rewards will be shipped in August 2013

To answer a small part of that