A little confused about 1.5 macronutrient quantities

Hey Discourse!!

I recently got my first shipment of 1.5 and I love it. I feel like Rosa Labs has already converged on the perfect taste and texture, I’d say we can just stop developing here (but of course I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises are in 1.6).

My question about 1.5 is pretty simple: Which of the following information sources is correct regarding macronutrient quantities in one bag of 1.5 powder?

Page 3 of the PDF of the 1.5 Release Notes lists the following ingredient masses “per pouch”:
152g - powdered oil blend
167g - various carbohydrates

But the PDF of the 1.5 Nutrition Facts lists the following nutrient quantities “per container”:
92g - total fat
228g - total carbohydrate

As an aside, I think I’ll start DIYing to get closer to (what I would consider) a healthier daily macro spread:
60g fat
330g carbohydrate
(and of course 125g of yummy whey protein)
(I’m 5’10" and 155lbs, moderately active lifestyle, no need for so much fat in my diet. I like carbs.)
But if one pouch of 1.5 actually has 92g of total fat then it isn’t as bad as I feared (the first number I saw was the 152g of oil per pouch, when I read the release notes after purchasing :neutral_face: )

Would anyone care to weigh in on this matter of macro masses?

That contains fat+carbs, roughly 92g fat and 60g carbs, so the total is roughly 228g total carbs for both methods.

Sounds like a decent macro setup for your lifestyle. Try to stick with more complex carbs like oat flour instead of quick carbs like maltodextrin. Oat flour plus a good flavored whey protein is quite delicious.

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