A newbie on the Soylent-Trip


Yesterday I have begun with 1.4.
I do not know soylent 1.0-1.3., so there’s nothing to compare for me.
My plan is to use soylent for 7 days.
(Have ordered 30 pouches for the case that it work for me, but 7days are the first goal).

I use to join the gym daily and “eat” proteinshakes instead of “real” food.
Or in a combination of real food with shakes.
So I’m not worried about the changes.
I like to reduce my daily calories under 2000, (cause I’m fat),
accordingly I will eat one pouch daily.

Sorry for my bad english, but I live in Germany and I’m not a natural born english speaker.


Day 1
5:15 training beginnings.
Including Cardio.
1,200 kcal evaporate.

9:40 1 scoop, 300ml water.
It smells as fresh yeast dough.
In the departure easily nuttily.
Not terribly, not slimy.
It has depended in the stomach. He rumbles.

12:40 2 scoops, 550ml water.
A light one scratch in gybe with the drinking.
In taste it is it fully OK. There are worse proteinshakes in every nutritionshop to buy.
The stomach does noises.

16:07 My last big visit on a toilet.
Me ponders this how long I no more steady bowel movement will have.
Lighter hunger.

18:40 3 scoops, 700ml water.
The last gulp is tempting a little, I have no more hunger.

22:30 Going to bed. I’m in a good mood.


Your English is much better than my German! Glad you joined our community. Keep us up on how you think Soylent is working for you.


What the hack???
Yesterday I figure out that a pouch is more than 6 coated scoops.
Tried to fill scoops in stackable containers to take them with me to work. And after 6 scoops there was something left in the pouch. :open_mouth:
So I eat 48calories less then expected per scoop. :disappointed_relieved:
But I was full and so it was ok.
At day 1 I just took the rest from the pouch, without the scoop, and I wondered why I was so stuffed…

Back to business.
Day 2:
4:30 Where is my poo? I use to do it every morning before I went to the gym.
But today only two small crumbs…
Feel not more hungry as usual.

6:00 Sweat like a pig. In the dessert. At noon.
My sweat smells like Soylent. Strange things happens.
I’m a little bit hungry now.

8:00 Coffee makes me a heavy tremor in my right upper arm.
Hunger is getting stronger.
Less flatulencs as usual.

10:00 1scoop, 300ml water.
Silence in my belly until the Soylent arrives.
Now I know what it mean to “put a tiger in your tank”.

12:40 1scoop, 300ml water.
Stuffed again.
Noisy sounds from my bowel.
Had to look for facilities.

13:30 :hankey: Mighty success! :hankey:
If my output stays in this way, I’ll be glad, 'cause I know I’m healthy…

14:00 1scoop, 300ml water.
The taste became normal for me.
Not to bad. Once I got a proteinshake from 100% eggprotein - this was evil, in smell & taste.
Small flatulence.

Not smelly, but windy.

17:00 1scoop, 300ml water.
19:30 1scoop, 300ml water.
Just to keep my stomach working.
Feel not hungry.

21:00 The TV is boring. My girlfriend wants to watch GermanysNextTopModel.
Time to go to bed.
Eat 300calories less I like to eat. But theres no hunger. And my Mom use to tell me “Don’t eat when you’re not hungry”.
Better listen to that your mother tells you guys. :thumbsup:


Day 3.
Still not over, but worth a word.
(In Germany it is 7pm yet).

6:00 9hrs of sleep?
Without lots of alcohol on the evening before? Long time ago when I had this.
But it feels not bad, could be good for me. I’ll watch it!

7:30 1scoop, 300ml water.
Today I’ll have a late start at work, so I decide to have Soylent in front of it. Feel stuffed.
Mr.Hanky came and visited me,
pleased about the output. Still feel healthy.
Was in sorrow to do bad things to my bowel with eating only the content of one pouch per day and got to less to have a normal output and to less to work for the bowel.

11:00 1scoop, 300ml water.
Light hunger, but a blender with Soylent can solve this.

13:00 1scoop, 300ml water.
Yummy! No flatulence.
My collegues started to make jokes over my “foodpowder”…

15:00 1scoop, 300ml water.
My first try to have Soylent before having a workout.

16:00 Sweat as a pig. Discreet smell of soylent.
No loss of power during the workout in face of taking less calories as usual.

18:00 1scoop, 300ml water & crushed ice.
Tasty! Yummy! Delicious!

After that I drank a small glas of balsamic vinegar.
(Somethimes my body scream for vinegar or pickeld things. Sounds crasy, but I belive my body is able to tell me what he needs, but I don’t know which part of the vinegar this could be.).
No rumble in the bowel.
Feel stuffed and I wonder if a sixth scoop would be necessary to keep me stuffed begore I went to bed.

It’s ridiculous that I feel stuffed with less calories.
Either I ate my whole life the wrong things, or, imho the probable explanation, Soylent helps me to manage my nutrion balance. And so my body has no need to cry for food to take the missing nutrion out of that.

Did anybody have another idea???


Day 4:
8hrs of sleep.
I don’t had to work and so I speend my day with loitering.
And a visit in the gym, of course. :muscle:
Only 3scoops over the whole day (breakfast/lunch/dinner).
Survived the day with less then 900calories.
The hunger was not sooooo much.
Light diarrhea in the evening.
Is it normal that the poo is turning more and more into yellow?

The funny think is, this is the first episode in my life were I live without meat.
Ok, only five days until now. :joy:


Day 5:
5:00 woke up and can’t fall back in sleep.
7hrs sleep are 2hrs more as I used to have before I started with Soylent.

Over the day I had 4scoops, 1workout, no poo-output, for my daily calories I be allowed to eat 2,5scoops more but I got no hunger.
I still don’t no how to handle it.
Think it is a brain thing.
Will go to bed soon.

Will my pee stay yellow the whole time during I live on Soylent???


I really enjoy reading your posts. I find that the way you say things are different enough to the way I would say them that they are funny. The only German I learned was from Castle Wolfenstein. :smile:

Your poop shouldn’t change to yellow. Mine turned more grayish or beige. My pee has turned more clear than before. When I was using a People Chow DIY variant it was bright yellow. I believe than came from more than normal B12 or something like that.


Day 6, almost gone.
3 scoops over the day,
today is my offday at the gym.
No hunger.
But the smell of real food is becomming more and more attractive to me.
When I will be able to stay away from real food tomorrow I’ll arrive my goal.
It’s amazing how much you can learn in only one week.
On Wednesday I’ll make a cheatday, cause I miss some flavors of real food, but after that I’ll go forward with Soylent. Not 100% over a week, for that I like cooking too much. :wink:


It’s done. Managed day 7 with 3scoops and a good workout. :thumbsup :blush:
I havn’t checked my weight on a scale before I started a week ago, so I can’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost. :smiley:
BUT my jeans are sitting more loose as before and I can tighten my belt.
Hunger was never a problem.
My issue with Soylent is my brain, as you can read in different comments I made, but it won’t stop me of going forward with soylent.


I’m currently in my 5th day and despite fighting a sinus infection, am doing pretty well so far. I’ve been keeping to the 1 bag a day, sometimes a little less and my appetite has not been a problem. However, I do now notice the smell of food a lot more.