A noobie needs guidance


OK, i am excited about the possibility of not having to cook, but after reading some of the posts on discourse, i’m kind of fearful. rashes, reflux etc. yikes. I’m middle aged, overweight and a former long haul trucker. so i’m out of shape. just started a job where i’m moving more, but wouldn’t call it working out. i have an iron stomach, so i’m not worried about reflux, but i do worry that i won’t feel full. i actually gained weight on those weight loss shakes they sell in the store. also, the recipes list stuff i have no idea what it is. the website doesn’t really have an introduction. just an order form, a forum and a whole bunch of DYI recipes. do you mix those with the soylent? i’m so confused. i really don’t want to just buy something online and not know what’s coming. someone please walk me through the process. thanx.


It’s 2000 kcal per package, broken down into 4 meals (500 kcal per serving). That explains why the nutrients say 25% and not 100%.

Just add water and mix it up. You can try to flavor it. Not everyone does. You can refrigerate it. Again, not everyone does. The bare necessities are just water, a measuring scoop (comes with your first order), and an airtight jug that’s at least 1 liter.

There’s a chance of you getting a little gassy… but a lot of people see this problem go away in a few days to a week. The upside - to me - was that coming back to Soylent after almost a week without it, I didn’t get the gas again. It was like my body developed a memory of Soylent.

A lot of people that bring their health problems to the forum have neither talked to a doctor nor have any medical training themselves. They believe the correlation of diet change and sickness is evidence enough. The chances of this product making you sick are extremely low. Nobody has provided anything beyond anecdote yet, and even once someone has evidence we’re going to need at least 10 more cases to start getting concerned.

Personally I think you’ll like this product. If you don’t, you can always ask for a refund. Soylent has provided them in the past. Nothing to lose!


The DIY stuff is for people who DONT want to buy soylent. Ignore all that. Its people experimenting with new mixtures and sharing recipes. Its mostly for say, an athelete who wants way more protein than someone needs if trying to lose weight or just eat healthy. DIY is not part of soylent itself.

The forums here are full of people with lots of allergies, serious dietary restrictions, weak stomachs, etc. That is natural because those are some of the people who would seek out something like soylent. Soylent attracts people seeking weightloss but also people who have problems with normal food for other reasons. They continuously keep tweaking the recipe to make it as good for those types of people as possible. Ignore their reactions unless you also have allergies and restrictions.

Soylent itself on the order form is just going to be bags of 2000 calorie meals. That is it. You are to ONLY eat that mixed with water. Its really simple.


Soylent will keep you from feeling hungry but it may not make you feel full. Those are two entirely different sensations and it can be hard for people to separate the two. The good news is that if your stomach is stretched from eating to much it will slowly shrink back to normal size and Soylent and food will fill you easier.

Each order comes with a written introduction.


No. The DIY recipes are if you want to make soylent yourself. The stuff you buy from soylent.com is a standalone product. As Sylass said you can flavor it if you want.


From how I understand them diet shakes like Slimfast go for the whole calorie restriction angle. That’s why their cans are so tiny. They’re loaded with plenty of sugar to taste good, but because of that the portions have to be tiny which if you’re anything like me and many people with weight management problems it’s the portion control with food that’s the problem. I’ll eat and eat past the point of being full just because it’s sort of like a form of entertainment. Gotta have a snack when watching a movie etc. So unless you already have good will power to resist food diet shakes aren’t going to work. Soylent differs in that they’re not or don’t seem to be concerned with the taste as much as they are about the nutrition and calorie profile. It’s aimed to be a food that delivers all the nutrients and calories you need throughout the day. One pouch makes a 64oz pitcher and for me that’s plenty throughout the day. In the beginning I had to do a few tricks to keep myself from downing the whole thing in one sitting just out of boredom but I employed a few tricks like buying smaller glasses to drink it out of and sipping it through a straw. But now after 2 months and a day living on Soylent I’m totally fine sipping on it throughout the day without thinking of using it to fill in my boredom like I did with other foods. I also find myself to be satisfied much sooner. It may be that my stomach shrunk to a more normal size as @horsfield said or that since Soylent has a more complete nutrition profile my body is just plain satisfied compared to what I ate before? Or a combination? Either way I can confidently say that I have never felt satisfied after eating in my life as I have since switching to Soylent. It’s really weird, but true. It impressed me enough to get a monthly subscription and sign up on these boards to see all the ins and outs with other customers. Of course that’s just me, everyone’s experiences will vary.

Soylent also acts as a sort of base that’s great for flavoring as you like. It’s flavor is bland so you can add anything to it. People have talked about adding everything from honey to A-1 steak sauce with varying successes. Me, I usually add in some chocolate protein powder since I workout regularly and it tastes nearly identical to a Wendy’s Frosty to me. But flavoring is different from the DIY stuff which is, as stated above, building your own Soylent from scratch. The one Soylent sells is ready made and comes in pouches and all you NEED to do is add water and shake it. Or use a blender like I do. Whatever, there’s no real wrong answer there. It seems almost too easy because it kinda is.


oh man. wendy’s chocolate frosties are the BEST.


I’ve been doing a lot of roadtrips lately, 8-12 hr stretches. Here’s what works great for me. I keep up to 3 days worth of Soylent powder in an old plastic protein-shake tub and keep that in my pantry with a small scoop. When I take off on a trip, I just grab the tub and a blender bottle. When mealtime comes I stop, grab some water (from a tap or bottled depending on the area) pour the water and some powder into the blender bottle and shake. Back on the road in no time and sip from the bottle in the cupholder. It’s working very nicely for me.