A noobie's impression of 1.5


Well, my Soylent 1.5 got here today, Tuesday, of all the days! lol I mixed up a single serving to give it a go.

Dry: It smells like… like not a nice smell lol
Wet: It smells like pumpkins and tastes like almond milk.

At first, the texture was a bit grainy but I also hadn’t really let it sit to soak up the water properly. It’s advised that you mix with room temp water and then chill. I added ice cubes instead :smiley: After about 15 minutes it was significantly smoother, akin to a melted milkshake.

Overall, I’m impressed. It’s not the most amazing flavor/texture ever lol BUT it’s actually good (assuming you like pumpkins and/or almond milk) I was also hungry before trying it, and now I’m full. That’s always a good sign.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll do single servings or make a pitcher at a time (I have a theory that this is where the vastly mixed reviews come in) but I intend to test it further tomorrow.

Thanks guys & gals, and keep up the great work!