A note about taste


tl;dr: MSM and Vitamin C taste bad

My soylent tasted pretty good when I first started making it, and over time has got signifcantly worse to the point that this week was actually a little unpleasant. The trend at work here is that I’ve slowly been adding more ingredients - some that took a while to arrive, some I’ve changed dose levels of stuff already included, some I’ve had to add as a result of changes in levels of other things.

I decided to remedy this taste issue by simply going through and tasting a finger-full (or other safe amount) of each ingredient. Anything that wasn’t tasty wasn’t allowed in, and instead I just chugged it in a shot of orange juice. My soylent is now tasty again!!

I’m telling you this because two of the things I removed are quite common ingredients:
MSM and Vitamin C. MSM tastes really unpleasant, and Vitamin C - while not bad - is very sharp like sherbert and really doesn’t suit the earthy/milky/oily flavour of the rest of the mix.

Less common ingredients that I removed are: Phosphatidyl Serine , Rhodiola Rosea, and Epsom Salts. I will experiment with adding each of these back individually this coming week, but the MSM and vit C will be staying out, sadly.

Like Drink but hate Powder? That taste is the vitamins (maybe)

Why are you including a laxative in your Soylent?


Soylent is a blank canvas when it comes to taste - usually all of the raw chemical ingredients combined can be improved by including any type of flavoring. Many others have experimented with ideas on this forum and I would encourage you to do the same; when I start making my DIY blend I want to start with strawberry. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure laxative is the correct understanding of it. Epsom salts may - in a quite highly concentration solution - be used as a purgative, but so may regular table salt.

I’m just using it as a source of Magnesium, in quite low quantities commensurate with the relatively small need for Magnesium.

The overall taste of my Soylent is very nice, since I removed specific things which were having a negative effect on the flavour.