A Perfect Single Meal Soylent Container

I was a one week supply backer and last week I received my first shipment. My personal use for Soylent is as a Breakfast replacement. I will wait a few more days to post my initial reactions to the product.

Based on my usage, I went looking for a good single meal travel container for Soylent. I found the 20 ounce Blender Bottle to be the perfect size. It holds a tight seal, and when filled with a single meal there is about an inch or so of extra airspace to allow for shaking.

On a related note, the free pitcher that comes with the initial shipment of soylent is just ok. In fact my initial reaction was that it was very cheap. The Soylent logo is provided as a sticker that you have to apply yourself. After using it for a few days, it seems like a better pitcher than my initial impression, but it still seems rather cheap.

My process has been to mix up the entire three meal quantity in the large pitcher and then transfer it to my small single use pitcher each morning. I assume mixed Soylent in the fridge will last three days?

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The official word is two days, with probably a little wiggle room. I’ve been afraid to test the boundaries of this after having opened a container on day four :slight_smile:

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3 days is not unreasonable. Just be aware that Soylent has everything a microbe could possibly want and no preservatives. If you notice a hiss when you open the container or see tiny tiny bubble coming up to the surface you know something is living in your Soylent. If it at all smells or tastes funny don’t chance it.

What you could do is put a single meals worth of powder in 3 different blender bottles. Then the night before add the water and 4 tsp. (20 ml) of oil to the mix.

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My experience has been that 3 days is no problem at all if kept in the fridge the whole time. Not sure how much past that I’d push my luck though.

That is a very valid point. I will certainly pay a higher level of attention on the third day.

I usually go two to three days, depending on time of the week, as I don’t consume as much during the weekends. I’ve done this with DIY and Official. But yeah, 3 days is probably max.

I also use the Blender Bottles, taking two with me to work. One for breakfast and one for lunch.

An idea I read in another forum was that you could fill 3 bottles and use the entire pitcher and put two bottles in the freezer, leaving room for expansion. I haven’t bothered to try that yet.

Oh, hmm the freezer could be an idea for the third day. If it melted back into liquid in the refrigerator overnight, that would probably work the best for me. Any consistency changes by placing it in the freezer?

I also just realized, I am actually only talking about the last day being 2.5 days old, since I mix it up the night before the first use.

I’d have preferred what’s advertised on the website for labeling its contents but the pitcher is rather suitable for what it is. I like the detent indicator and silicone seals, so no worries about shaking it upside down. And you can get the last drops of oil using the lid’s notches like so.

So far, I’m fine with using a single container. Less prepwork with divvying. I tend to pour into a cup for the first meal(s) and be an oaf for the last meal.


@jbalindos That is brilliant!

Someone needs to use that picture as official Soylent propaganda. So pretty.

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Agreed. Also they should make the instructions on the bag match more closely to the instructions in the release notes because my first batch came out kind of chunky and gritty since the bag says to dump them all in together whereas the notes say mix the powder and water together and shake for 30 seconds and then dump the oil in and shake for 30 seconds. I have found at times that the seal on the pitcher isn’t perfect and will still allow some to be poured out if it’s not extremely tight.

I also bought a blender bottle the day after I got my order and it has been perfect for my needs, same as you I just pour it right in and bring it to work. I normally don’t eat breakfast so I just fill my bottle all the way up to the top (about 24 Oz) and just slug back 6-8 Oz and save the rest for lunch.

On a whim yesterday I made a single serving in a blender bottle with one scoop soylent, 3 scoops of water, 1.5 tsp of the oil mix, 2 ounces of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and about 4 ice cubes and it was far more palatable than my first batch, so much that I didn’t have to gulp it down as quickly as possible and actually enjoyed drinking it. I think that small batches tend to have a better consistency since you can mix them easier. I mixed the water and powder together with the ice and the blender ball for about 2 minutes, then added the syrup and shook for about another minute and then added the oil and shook for about another minute. I was a lot thinner than if I were to make it in the pitcher, which I actually liked.

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Every time you take it out, you warm it a little, and every time you pour, you give it fresh air. Those two things help the microbes grow.

…so Soylent should last longer in the fridge if you take it out once a day to pour breakfast than if you take it out five times a day for many small meals.

In addition, you should store it in the coolest area of your fridge, which probably means sealing it tightly and laying it sideways on a bottom shelf. The door is the warmest part of your fridge, followed by the top shelf - cold air falls.The bottom center is typically coolest.


I started DIY before Soylent, so I have a couple of containers - it may not be perfect, but the Takeya pitcher they provide is much better than most containers out there. It’s got a nice wide mouth for pouring powder in, it has great seals for keeping it shut, which is important for shaking as well as storing/travelling sidways… the smooth walls rinse/clean relatively easily… the lid unscrews to a good pour in just one turn, but re-seals easily, and provides a handle… it’s a pretty good combo, and even looks decent.

Problems with previous pitchers:

  • The largest-mouth pitchers have “press on” lids that don’t seal at all.
  • Those with smaller openings are hard to pour powders into.
  • Couldn’t fit hand in to wash (I’m big.)
  • Flip-top cap can opens up easily.
  • “Frosted” look plastic doesn’t rinse as easily.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better pitcher than the Takeya pitcher they provide.


I would agree. Haven’t even got my Official order yet so I’ve been using DIY. Had my girlfriend research and order us an airtight pitcher for mixing, and the Takeya is what shipped. She had no idea it was the same thing coming in official. It’s done us well, never leaked. We have blender bottles for when we’re traveling, but tend not to use them at home. Instead we take the blender ball out and put it in our Takeya to help prevent clumping.

I took the ball out of my bottle too and put it in the pitcher, along with about 4 cubes of ice to help break it up some, It would probably be useful to throw like 3 in there total since it’s such a large pitcher.

For me the perfect pitcher is the Frigoverre 77-oz. The only thing you might not like is you have to take the lid off entirely to pour.

But it seals perfectly for shaking (you don’t need to put it sideways to go on your fridge shelf, it’s squat and fits easily, but you could); it’s got a nice big opening to put your hand or the mouth of your Soylent package into; and it cleans perfectly because it’s glass. (Okay, the lid’s plastic and you should take it apart to clean it.) I’d rather clean glass than plastic any day.


I like that pitcher…

I actually use an immersion blender to mix, and that be easy with that big mouth.

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Over tightening will also cause the seal to buckle a bit and cause leaks, over tightening could also reduce the life of the pitcher or damage the seals. This pitcher seals best when it is just snug, not too loose, not to tight… two out of the three bears agree.

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And it’s short, so your blender will easily reach.


I saw that mentioned in another thread, which is counter intuitive, thanks! I just have a fear that when I shake it up I’m going to sling Soylent all over my kitchen lol

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