A place to create and store Recipes and Ingredients


Okay guys and gals,

I know there are several recipes floating out there, and I know that keeping track of all of them is fairly difficult, so I went ahead and started building a web app that helps fixes this. The app allows you to add ingredients (from the standard ingredients on Robs List to custom ingredients) and then allows you to create a recipe and add ingredients to that recipe. You can put in source data, costs, dosage, etc for each ingredient. Right now, that is about the limit of the functionality. Here are some plans for the future though:

Build source lists for Recipes
Bulk Import Ingredients
Run reports on recipes (such as cost breakdown, daily costs, calorie intake, etc etc)

If I am missing anything important for ingredients or recipes, please let me know.

Anyway, I am looking for people to start building recipes and so forth.

Please note, that I built this in less than a day, so expect bugs and so forth. If you find a bug, please post it here or send me an email at prefinem@gmail.com.

Also, if you think of any features that you would like to see added, post them here.

You can access the app here: http://soylog.soylentscene.me

Thanks and happy testing.


FYI, search doesn’t work yet either.

EDIT: I went ahead and added the search capabilities


Some ideas for features:

  1. connect to wolfram alpha for foods without labels (like fruits, etc), or labels that aren’t specific enough
  2. export recipes into myfitnesspal

I’ll edit this post as I think of more


I will look into both, but for the foods without labels, I would assume if you are creating a soylent recipe, you probably won’t be using fruits or vegetables to do so.


Right now an ingredient is a single nutrient from a source. Unless I’m mistaken, you’d be able to add an ‘ingredient’ to your formula and it’d only be calculating one nutrient within that source – this wouldn’t accurately represent your formula unless you added an ‘ingredient’ entry for every nutrient in that same source and added them together as a group every time you wanted to use that one source (which seems counter-intuitive to me, despite being how most the spreadsheets seem to be set up).

I think instead, an ingredient should be the source and include all the nutrients within that source (so the app can more accurately account for both pure and impure sources). So if you add that ingredient, your formula totals account for every nutrient in that ingredient. That was the reasoning behind my spreadsheet – making sure we know what we’re putting in our Soylent.

edit: Also, dosage/serving size (how much of that ingredient you want to use in your recipe) should be input on a recipe’s page instead of the ingredient’s page (ingredient page should have package-defined serving size for calculations). Different recipes may call for different serving sizes of the same ingredient and you’d want to see how different serving sizes impact your formula totals.

Possible workflow:

Adding Ingredient:

  • Item name
  • Link to purchase (if online)
  • Item cost (to buy one unit)
  • Pkg Serving (so you can later calculate how much of each nutrient there’d be for a given custom serving)
  • Total mass/volume/whatever in entire package (so you can calculate monthly costs and how many days a single unit will last you)
  • Calories (if known)
  • All nutrients within this ingredient (see bellow – some ingredients will be pure while others may have several nutrients)
  • Notes

Adding a nutrient to a given ingredient

  • Select nutrient (carbs, fat, sodium, vitamin A, etc – perhaps support the ability to write in custom nutrients outside of the scope of soylent)
  • Enter how much of this nutrient there is per serving size (the package’s recommended serving size)

Adding recipe

  • Add an ingredient
  • Specify a serving for each ingredient
  • See nutrient totals calculated based on serving size of the ingredient
  • See daily/monthly costs, how long your ingredients last (this is all calculated based on serving size they put in for that ingredient in their recipe)

Knowing the package serving size and the amount of nutrient there is within one package-defined serving lets you calculate the amount of nutrient there is per 1g (or 1mg etc) so that you can calculate nutrient amount in a custom serving.


@JTown thanks for the input. I was wondering out the nutrients versus ingredients and didn’t know which way would be the best. I will go ahead and work on allowing each ingredient to have nutrients added to it and then changing the dosage to the recipe.


Added the ability to add nutrients. That should help for now. I will allow you to edit/delete them soon when I get more time.

I will also make sure to add dosage to the recipe.


ETA on being able to see nutrient totals for a recipe (when you enter a dosage for the ingredient)? Want to start using it :slight_smile:


Sorry for not replying. I have been out of pocket for some military training.

I took it down a little while ago because I am not sure if there was any use for it especially since someone else is creating another app that works very similar. If the other app doesn’t make it or isn’t as usable, I will go ahead and put this app back up.