A poll regarding Coffiest

You could probably convince me the price/calorie index isn’t “as good” as I currently think, but if you mean to convince me that it is bad, no probably not. But your standards for the product will only help me if the price is lowered so I can’t say I want to disagree with you!


My personal opinion is that the price/Calorie for 2.0 and the bars are pretty bad, whilst the powder is ok but still not great. Admittedly I’m comparing it with Joylent, one of the cheapest, and DIY which is known to be cheap, but I certainly don’t see how people can argue <$10-$12/day is a good price, even for nutritional completion (even moreso when baring in mind Rosa Labs only use the DVs). My personal opinion is if RL weren’t the first company to offer something like Soylent and hence built a fan-base early on, they wouldn’t do particularly well, particularly when compared to other offerings.

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I agree, and I will continue to be a customer. I’m just disappointed they seem in over their heads pretty much every step of the way. Also, they describe their behavior as transparent. To me it seems to be doing the bare minimum. I wish they were more open. But that’s their decision to make.

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I keep asking if any test results were in before shipping and still don’t have an answer.


I suspect all of the prices on all of the products are marked up (with the exception maybe of 1.6) to cover some of the costs of expanding the business. There’s also quality control, teams of experienced lawyers, teams of nutrition experts and doctors, warehousing, advertising. DIY formulas can’t provide most of these assurances and certainly not to the degree of Rosa Labs, but I can see why some people might not feel all of this is worth the extra cost. Money has been tight a few times and I’ve considered temporarily downgrading to DIY.


Well, quality control ties in with what I was saying earlier - it’s seemingly very lacking. I’d argue their experts and doctors should have a wage decrease if they’re unable to identify vitamin C may degrade with heat too, but maybe I’m being overly critical.

Granted, DIY can’t, but that doesn’t explain the fact Joylent is so much cheaper. Now admittedly the algal oil isn’t going to be cheap, but that alone can’t be the difference, and none of the other ingredients seem to be either.

If you do DIY right, it’s certainly not a downgrade - you should look into it if you ever find money tight again.

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Generally people calling for wage cuts are being overly critical, yes.

I don’t say DIY is a downgrade because of the recipe, considering I’ll have much more room to customize. But being able to buy from a Silicon Valley based, andreessen Horowitz funded venture makes up for all of that. And I have no identifiable allergies or sensitivities so it’s just a no brainier to me.


The reason I did so is because for people trained in their field, they missed such an obvious and well-known factor that they’re not actually doing their jobs correctly. It may not warrant a wage cut, but it certainly warrants some form of action in my opinion.

Yeah that’s fair enough, there’s certainly something alluring about it being developed and produced in Silicon Valley - I can’t quite put my finger on it. I prefer DIY because I’ve found the recipes I’ve made in it to be far tastier than the commercial products I’ve tried - but maybe I’m biased.

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For me the allure of RL being in SV is knowing how many products have started out absolute garbage and flourished into flagships. Let’s face it, Soylent still tastes bad. I love it, I crave it, but it just tastes bad. But I’m confident Rosa Labs has moonshot projects that they don’t expect to have in beta for a decade+

It’s the difference of a DIY company trying to “optimize” and rosa labs using their financial padding to research “innovative” products, not just better ones.

The fancy words and brushed UI on the site is typical of a vapor ware company promising big things. Maybe they’re just doing it to dupe people. Maybe it’s both.


Within the span of an excruciatingly long 2 months of the product being sold. How scandalous. They also noticed the issue themselves, without any customers having known anything was wrong. Unsettling for big problems, not so much for vitamin shortages (vitamins weren’t said to be entirely depleted).

Seems they were pretty proactive about it. I changed my answer on the poll to yes, people should be refunded (partially, not full price) but I don’t think recalls are necessary. This isn’t contamination, it isn’t one chemical substituting another, it isn’t acute from over-adding a chemical (most of which in Soylent are safe at high doses anyway). It’s just less to some degree of the Coffiest, which nobody is or should be making the primary component of their diet.


The point is the problem should have been identified before the product was ever sold. The fact it was after release at all is bad; the fact it was as much as two months after release is shocking - it suggests there were no quality control checks done on a new product a) before release and b) for two months afterwards. That is not in any way acceptable however you look at it. It doesn’t matter if they’re entirely depleted when the product is being marketed and sold as complete. When the vitamin C content utilises the lower 60mg target of the Daily Values (as opposed to the 90 milligram target for an adult male given by the IoM’s DRIs) anyway, any depletion is very bad indeed, especially when it’s common knowledge that the temperatures involved would bring about a depletion. Vitamin A is less of an issue due to the high DV and the fact that depletion in high temperatures and acidic conditions is less well known (though it being less well known is still no excuse). I have an issue with RL anyway, because they use the Daily Values, despite them being outdated, so that every nutrient can be labelled as exactly 100% - if you’re going to do that instead of utilising a combination of the DVs and DRI values, you have to make absolutely sure prior to release that those values are correct. As is, they’ve marketed a product as complete when it wasn’t, and that’s pretty serious as it could be considered false advertising (I accept that that’s an extreme but the point is it wouldn’t be technically incorrect).

Again, it doesn’t matter if Coffiest is a primary component of someone’s diet or not - the issue is that the product was sold as complete despite being low in vitamins A and C, and that there was clearly no quality control done to check the levels of the vitamins and minerals for a whole two months after release. Quality control should have been done extensively prior to release - the fact it wasn’t is really bad.

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I disagree, I really like 1.6, 2.0 tastes great as well!

Perhaps a “problem” is they are trying to expand with other types of products when they don’t even have different types of powder that everyone can enjoy.


I enjoy it. It isn’t unpleasant to drink to me and it’s been getting easier to drink since 1.0. But the taste is unusual and very clearly not food. I don’t live for my mouths sake but I wouldn’t mind a snack tasting version.

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Startups handle staffing differently than you might expect. For example, they usually hire more people than they need, since that looks like growth to their investors. So there are a lot of low talent folks, but their wages are not in danger.

Honest question - why are you so willing to constantly criticize RL, again and again? Do you think they will get worst, and continue making more an more mistakes?

Honester question - if you are so unhappy with RL, why not go to another competitor?

As far as this thread - it is silly. The first poll question is silly. Of course consumers would have rather received a product not deficient in vitamins A and C. The third question is silly. “Have you lost confidence in Rosa Labs quality and control?” I haven’t. You know why? Because they found that their product had less than 100% vitamins A and C claimed.

Is anyone happy that Coffiest production was halted? No. Does it matter to anyone what others think of Rosa Lab’s response was acceptable? No. It matters to the individual, or not. I don’t care if @naten or @sylass94 finds RL’s response acceptable. Do I find their response acceptable? Yes. But what does that matter to anyone?

This is a little bit of a rant. But so is this thread.


Trying to make them better, bro. U mad?

Trying to make you better, bro. U mad?

(EDIT: you will not make them better. That’s delusional.)

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I don’t thing this mistake was dangerous or even worthy of offering refunds. The discount they’re offering seems more than fair, since this is just a breakfast product. I like how they’re dealing with it, and hopefully the’ll find a way to get proper A and C levels in the next iteration.

The only concern I have is why the issue wasn’t caught before it was shipped. For all the work RL seems to go through for each new product, I’d expect them to be on top of vitamin C especially. It’s common knowledge that it’s often the first to break down.



It’s the general rule of the Internet and really any customer service job. People flock to criticize at the drop of a hat, but compliments are hard-earned and sparse.

In my opinion, Coffiest is delicious. I legitimately crave Coffiest in lieu of other sugary pre-made Starbucks Frappuccinos…not for the philosophy behind Soylent or the nutritional values…but for the taste and taste alone.

Will I stop ordering Coffiest because Rosa Labs messed up slightly, admitted to the problem, is offering discounts on our next Coffiest order, and is committed to rectifying the problem immediately? Hell no. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

I don’t understand why small mistakes like this blow up to the point where people are calling for class-action lawsuits and antagonistic forum polls. It’s utterly absurd.