A+ Shipping Turnaround - Great Improvement!


Placed my order on the 10th of March, just got a shipping notification today. LOADS better than the previous months long waits that I’ve read about and what kept me from ordering before. Hopefully this trend of fast turn around time sticks around for all the new customers :smile:

Shipping times?
So is this stuff shipping in a timely manner yet?

Wow so this was your very first order ever??

Way to go Soylent team!


Yep! First time order :smiley:


I just ordered mine for the first time ever on March 7, and just got my shipping notice as well. (Just a few minutes ago.)

That is great! Looks like they are finally catching up to the backlog.

If this is a permanent thing, they should change the verbage on the order page from saying 4-5 months. If new people know they will get it in a couple weeks, (or less) they will be more likely to order on a whim. (No one likes to wait.)


Wow, very cool RL!!!


Friend of mine purchased last week and got his shipping notice today. Soylent for the win!


Just for the sake of clarity, here are the three spots I found references to 2-3 months or 4-5 months wait time for new orders which could be changed if this is a permanent catch-up.


We have been working very hard. Great to see people are noticing. More importantly, it’s great to see more people getting their hands on Soylent!


Couldn’t agree more!! Woohoo!


This will put all of those greedy ebay resellers out of business quick.


Congrats on the milestone RL! The backlog was one of the main reasons I went with another brand. Now that the shipping is on track, I’m looking forward to trying official Soylent. :wink:


Makes me wonder if international can’t be too far away…


Disappointing that I ordered in October and haven’t received anything but a pitcher and scoop.


I would definitely email customer service to see.


Hm… I’m pretty sure that I saw somewhere several weeks ago copy-pastes from auto-replies stating that “We are serving now November, if you ordered earlier, please let us now.” Did you wrote to them anything all?


No, because I’m not in the habit of checking these forums very frequently. I’ve written customer service, thanks for the heads-up.


That’s awesome! One week between order and shipping notification is pretty great.


Some more discussion (click) on the shipping speed ups.

Also, this interesting tidbit from Soylentconor:

Canada is definitely our next target market. Right now we need to finish ensuring stability within the US and then we can start getting Soylent to our brothers in the North!


Brothers?!!! :wink:



Glad to hear this! :smile:

And there were people who said this would never happen. Pfft.