A Soylent website?


How about building a proper website? First with a lot of nutritional information.

Then a person can join and create a profile. Example: age, gender, body type, goals etc.

Then you could cross reference this with other people and see how their recipe is working for them.

Have a symptoms checker too that looks at your profile and gives suggestions:

Q: “today I feel tired”

A: Take more of X or less of X


“Today I feel excellent and I think it’s because I put X, (or removed X) in my soylent.”

Also a section where people can talk about how Soylent is actually affecting them and what they’re doing to overcome bad effects or create better ones. And again, with cross referencing profiles, a person can look at a similar problem and maybe take the same action.

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I think it’s a good idea at a later stage. Most people do not have time to understand the complexities of biology so a sort of tutorial that guides you in this stuff should be useful and boost sales.


Yes! Something like this definitely needs to happen. Also I’m wondering if the wiki is going to get off the ground, and when. Here on the forum we are operating at a handicap without a functioning wiki tracking and storing the knowledge that is sought for, discovered, offered and discussed here. A knowledge base is vital to any such project as DIY soylent – or even customised official soylent – and it needs to be highly accessible and easy to contribute to. Wiki is the best solution, so why isn’t it happening?


It seems a couple people went for a wiki, but I haven’t really heard any new developments since. There was also a soylent builder in the works (https://soylent-mk.herokuapp.com/ ?) that I think was supposed to incorporate a similar progress report.

However, if your nose doesn’t wrinkle at the idea, there’s an active subreddit for soylent here. It’s a lighter version of the discourse board, but with (ideally) a greater focus on individual experiences.