A Version of Soylent with More vitamins & minerals

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Idea / Question:
Is there a plan in the works to create a version of Soylent with the same calories, but a boost in vitimins and minerals? Should there be? Let me explain…

So right now, a serving of Soylent 1.5 is 500 calories and approx. 25% of an adult person’s (yes, it varies from person to person) intake of vitamins and minerals, etc. Four of those in a day gives a total of 100% recommended daily values across the board.

Is there a version under development that has 50-75%+ of a person’s required daily intake of vitamins & minerals and 500 calories per serving? So 1-2 servings a day gives 100% (or more) of the recommended daily required nutrients at only 500-1000 calories.

I don’t use Soylent for every meal, I generally use it for a fast and balanced breakfast before I head out for work. It would be handy to have a meal/serving that gave a bigger dose of vitamins and minerals in the (common) event that I don’t have a balanced lunch or dinner. Calorie intake is rarely a problem in meals, but balanced vitamin/mineral intake can be problematic.

There are some vitamins/minerals that can be overdosed on (Vitamin A, E, B, Iron, etc.), so those would be limited to no more than 25% per serving, but all the rest can probably be boosted with little or no ill effects (I’m not a nutritional scientist, so I could be wrong).

This version of Soylent would be ideal for people like me that desire nutritional value but aren’t willing to sacrifice every meal to do so.


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The thing is, a variety of products already exist which satisfy the requirements you describe(low calorie, high vitamin, somewhat satiating drink). Boost, Ensure, Slimfast, Total Soy, Raw Meal…the list goes on and on. Many of those products are cheaper than Soylent, especially if you go for a store brand knock-off variety. Soylent really fills a different niche, though, since it’s meant to be a total meal replacement rather than a supplement or diet shake.

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I’m sure I don’t want extra vitamins and minerals absent some documented need I have for them.

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A problem: even if your lunch or dinner is not balanced, it still contains some vitamins and minerals. So, which additional nutrients do you double up on in “SuperSoylent”?

The ones you can’t (or are unlikely to) overdose on.

I think most people in that kind of situation would simply take a multivitamin if they were that worried. No need to overpay for it.