A Week Inside a Hacker Hostel

A Week Inside a Hacker Hostel

It’s now commonplace for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to turn their domiciles into startup incubators. Three years after Kenna started 20Mission, its 41 rooms are booked solid. A small room with a shared bathroom now runs $1,800 a month. Stays can last years but are typically a few months. Today every room has a door, and the front door unlocks with the tap of a smartphone. Rent is paid in cash, check, or Bitcoin. The ­Internet router takes up an entire closet. In the basement there’s a television studio, where residents produce a weekly Web program called Money & Tech.

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His hair is pretty sick.


Funny I am doing an 8 week bootcamp and I was writing about how Soylent is perfect for it, considering we are doing 11 to 13 hour days and only have an hour for lunch…