A week's impressions on 1.0


So after having gleefully burned through the week’s supply and having some time to reflect on pre/during/post impressions, thought I’d return here and post them.

I threw caution to the wind and just went full bore Soylent from the day I bought the stuff (skipped breakfast the day the ebay tracking email indicated it would arrive). Why? Because caution is for wimps. :smile:

Negative effects were thankfully minimal.

Interesting notes:

  • Cravings for “real” food during the first couple of days were very definite. I had to remind myself on numerous occasions that my meals for the day were contained in the thermos on my counter, not at the tasty-looking BBQ joint who’s coupon had landed in my mailbox. After about day 3, this stopped being an issue.

  • Day 2 was the hardest, I was not at all looking forward to meals. Didn’t happen again for the remainder of the time.

  • The digestive problems reported didn’t really bother me all that much. What little there were, those were centered around day 2-3. After that, smooth sailing. Drinking the servings quickly (imagine chugging a glass of water when you’re really thirsty) caused a great deal more discomfort than slowly sipping over the space of a few minutes.

  • Speaking of water, even after a week, remembering to drink enough is a problem. I eventually picked up a case of bottled water from the store for about $2 (the stuff that comes out of taps here tastes like drinking from an overly-chlorinated swimming pool) and made it a point to always have a bottle near me.

  • Satiety is immediate and complete. One cup of soylent comes down on hunger like a ton of bricks before the serving is even finished. Impressive!

  • Something I’ve noticed is that certain (non-soylent) meals (before and after this experiment) cause my energy levels to fall straight into the toilet. After a week of Soylent, this effect was greatly diminished if not outright eliminated. In this way, Soylent has proven to be a great dietary reset button. (Soylent itself caused this effect once - after lunch on Day 2, and never after that.)

  • Mixing it up in a blender that’s not pitcher size is a massive PITA. (Side note: Anyone want to buy a slightly-used Magic Bullet?) Seriously, fuck everything about the current pouch/zipper design. I’m still finding particles in my kitchen…

  • Cleaning anything that’s held Soylent for a day (say, a thermos) is a pain. Hot water and shaking isn’t enough - you need a long-handled scrub brush to get in there and dislodge the particles. They cling to the container quite tenaciously.

  • Whatever you do, do not leave any quantity of product sitting out for more than a day! I accidentally left about a quarter cup sitting in someone’s office over the weekend, and came back on Monday to a stench that could only be possibly described as “eldritch”. Research into the usage of gone-off Soylent for practical jokery purposes is still ongoing, but may be a violation of the Geneva protocols. Any UN sanctions are the responsibility of the prankster.

All that aside, this stuff is awesome. The taste is acceptable-to-pleasant and lends itself well to tinkering (adding peanut butter was especially good), it does the job, is easy to prepare, and it beats the ever-loving hell out of eating out all the time on both healthiness and practicality.

Two thumbs up, Rosa Labs! I’m definitely going to be reordering once the official stuff gets here! :smiley:


I’m confused. Are you currently on Soylent 1.0 or a DIY?


Thanks for your decidedly non-wimpy foray into Soylent Land. Happy feeding!


1.0, the real stuff. Someone here was selling a week’s supply on eBay and I took them up on it.


Ooooohhh okay got it. Thanks for the review, good info!