"A Year Without Food: Living (Mostly) on Soylent"


Article on someone living on Soylent for a year and Soylent in general:


I like this part at the end:

There are problems the heavily funded food replacement can’t solve. As he sipped the last of his almond milk mocha, Conte talked about a recurring dinner party dilemma. “I don’t cook, I don’t want to know how to cook, which makes potluck super challenging,” he said. “Like, what do I bring to a potluck?”

A bunch of Soylent?

He laughed: “I should try that sometime.”

I imagine going to a potluck dinner and everyone is carrying in these covered dishes of food. I walk in with a pitcher of Soylent and everyone kind of looks at me funny.

It would be a good conversation starter, for sure.


Unfortunately, the year on mostly Soylent was not discussed- as in at all. The writer didn’t even bother delving into the year, just a quip about potlucks, except for the headline.


To be fair, it is a pretty short article. It’s not like they followed the guy around for a year or something. They give an overview of why the guy they are profiling likes Soylent and why he has chosen to use it. They also give a brief explanation of what Soylent is from the company perspective, which is pretty much all such a short article has room for, I would imagine. For what it is, it does a good job.


I’m surprised you didn’t mention the obvious: the writer spent nine months without food, not a year. :date:


Yeah, I expected them to at least mention, like, how he felt and if his health was good or bad or anything. They just focused on the social aspect, nothing health related. Which is why I read the article! But nothing.