Abnormal Soylent Food Experiment Log

Alright, so if @vanclute is the herald of standard, everyday-use Soylent experience, I’m going to make a thread such that I can pioneer a log of "what if I put this with this*??*

Or in other words, I’m going to try a bunch of weird stuff with Soylent over the coming weeks, and let you guys know how it turns out. Also, feel free to suggest, just know the point is things that could actually turn out well, not fear factor :wink:

Also I’ll probably devise some amusing rating system when I’m not supposed to be busy… or when I’m still supposed to be doing work, y’know, whichever.

Experiment 0:

Cookie Dough
Experiment log:
This is something I’ve been wanting to try for months. Over the weekend, I had a chance to obtain chocolate chips, and finally see how it would turn out.

  • Emptied entire bag of Soylent into a glass pan/bowl thing
  • Added one StarterKit-scoop of water
  • Added oil
  • Not really thick enough - added a second scoop of water.
  • Lots of mixing.

After the second scoop, it turned out to be a little too thin - around the consistency of pancake batter. After much stirring, I decided to add the chocolate chips, and then leave it in the fridge to thicken. FWIW, I left it uncovered in the fridge for the first few hours, checking/stirring every hour or so. By hour 3 or 4, it was more like peanut butter. Not quite “cookie dough”, but still pretty good. Before leaving for my evening plans, I covered the vessel with plastic wrap, and left it in the fridge overnight.

Taste test: Delicious. (even better with a little salt)

Irregularity rating: 6 cookie monster cupcakes out of 11

Everything I ever dreamed. It was already pretty good yesterday, but setting in the fridge has achieved a much more cookie-dough consistency, and maybe even a bit of an improvement in flavor. On both counts, it retained a great “melt-in-your-mouth” quality. I might use just a little under 2 scoops of water next time, and maybe some salt, but this turned out great. It’s also a lot easier to take with me in larger quantities. I haven’t tried actually baking with it yet - there’s an entire thread for that, and once I get past the novelty of “delicious cookie dough” I’ll probably try it out.

One of the things I wondered going into this was how the decreased mass would affect satiety. The answer is that a spoonful or two of Soylent Cookie Dough is surprisingly filling. Eyeballing the pan when I first mixed it up, I’d guess maybe 3 good-sized (moderately heaping) spoonfuls is a meal?

I think the following conversation with a friend pretty much sums up this experiment:
“yeah, I made cookie dough with Soylent, so now I can just eat healthy cookie dough all day and not care.”
“so? I could just eat cookie dough too. Eating whatever you want is part of an adult.”
“yeah, but it’s good for me”
“cookie dough doesn’t need to be healthy, it just needs to be delicious.”
“yeah, but I get both.”

To reiterate - I can eat cookie dough all day and it’s healthy. If this does not resonate with you, then I apologize on behalf of your childhood. :stuck_out_tongue:

And to finish off this entry, a picture, which I only just now realized was fairly blurry:

(this is maybe a quarter to a fifth of the total dough produced)

Experiment 1:
Instant potatoes
Experiment log:
A simple experiment to start. I followed the instructions on the back, but substituted Soylent for milk.

(…except I didn’t have a measuring cup handy, so I used approximate measurements, altering as needed until it seemed right. It’s instant potatoes. Not complex.)

Taste test: Mediocre Decent
Okay. Not great. Not terrible either. I have not previously had the box version of this brand, but I’d have to say not quite as good as the pouch version on its own. Certainly edible though, with butter and salt.
---- Edit: ----
Upon re-trying this combination with more correct measurements, it turned out more agreeable. The potato flavor was less overwhelmed, and the consistency was considerably improved.

Irregularity rating:
3 mixed-up potato heads out of 10

Worth trying if you happen to have a box of potatoes lying around. It’s Soylent-y potatoes, which isn’t bad, but it no longer really tastes like mashed potatoes. ( edit: See above)
This experiment was an underwhelming start to “Abnormal experiments”. I’ll do a more interesting one next time.


LOL More power to ya… I’m experimental enough to maybe try making cookies once @leecauble1 finally shares her recipe with the public, but beyond that and the occasional smoothie… yeah not so much. =D

Should definitely be interesting for a lot of folks though to see what you “cook” up!

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Patience @vanclute. All good things come to those who wait. Like Rosa labs I wouldn’t want to release an inferior experience.


Boil it with cornmeal, like a soylenty cornmeal mush. The goal is a porridge type dish.

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I would like to propose that if you suggest a combo in this thread you must test it and report the results.


The whole point of this product is to remove eating and the time of making food… Now you’re just going in reverse this is kinda silly.


Please keep us posted! I’d love to see what you come up with.

I’m not against the concept of others joining in, but making that a rule would just about prohibit any (non-DIY) international friends :smile:

And as a general concept generally ok with being the taste-tester for various odd combinations, even if the idea’s originator isn’t personally interested in trying it. I think it’s possible to have an idea for something that might go well, without wanting to try it oneself (for example, I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve heard Soylent is a great creamer)

As I mentioned before, I’m not going for “fear factor”, so I’m not going to combine things if I expect them to be outright unpleasant (fish heads and Soylent please see the door) - and I think this forum is generally rational enough that the thread won’t disintegrate into people posting intentionally terrible ideas.

Well, I see the point being health too, but I also agree with you on the convenience. This is an experiment log out of curiosity. The vast majority of my Soylent will be used regularly, and not put into weird mixtures¹ :smiley:

¹Unless I find something exceptionally delicious. Depending on the outcome of a particular idea or two, I may use some concepts more often.

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Fair enough. I do encourage those who wish to experiment to do so. Many people have asked about having a solid form of Soylent and who better to find what works than those who are using the product. At least until RL can fund a test kitchen.


I’ll also mention the idea I’ve said before: put soylent through an ice cream maker.
Alternatively, just use the double-bag and ice method of making ice cream with soylent, whichever is more convenient for you.


Oooh, you know what, my family used to make ice cream every 4th of July. I’ll see if maybe I can get that to happen again this year, and do just that for a batch.

I’ll probably try the bag method first though, just because we use barrel-churn-things, and that would be a lot of Soylent to use up if it doesn’t “set” well.

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OK I’m curious… what is this method of which you speak?

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(there are lots more on google if you search “double bag ice cream”, or “ice cream in a ziploc bag”, or similar queries)

Generally speaking, you can make ice cream by putting milk, sugar, and flavoring in a small sealed bag, then putting that bag in a large sealed bag with ice and salt, and kneading/shaking/moving it so that it thickens as it freezes instead of fully solidifying.


Big ol’ upvote for Soylent Jell-o, @shadowhawkxx :smiley:

I used about 50/50 V8 to Soylent ratio, and it didn’t improve the flavor of either product but it was edible. Soylent and V8 definitely taste better by themselves compared to the blend.

On the other hand, one banana and about 8 oz of Soylent blended was delicious.

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Some things im curious about taste/pleasure wise:

Replacing water with various products such as milk, juice or soda(ew?) how would they rate on the soylent experience?

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My very first batch, I kept trying to flavor each glass I poured and kept making it worse. I finally added milk and that made it drinkable at least. The milk definitely added a creaminess to it, and I could see it being very tasty that way as long as someone has no milk digestion issues and doesn’t mind the extra calories/nutrients.

Try crab flavor!

I think it could blend nicely. Please do it.

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Maybe so, but I personally dislike the taste of seafood, so I’ll leave that particular one to someone else to try out :wink:

So… sometime in early 2015 then? :stuck_out_tongue:

< < runs and hides