Abnormal Soylent Food Experiment Log


Soylent pudding? e.g. the chocolate Jell-o branded one, or whatever flavor you prefer if you’re not a fan of chocolate.

I’m tempted to try it with the maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal I’ve got in my cupboard…

I’ve got a little bit left from my first batch (second batch is already chilling in the fridge). I think I’ll just try my PB2 powdered peanut butter for now.


To my surprise, I’ve actually been contemplating this as well since I too have some of that very same Oatmeal sitting in our pantry unloved at the moment. But I wasn’t sure about heating Soylent… I believe I read in another thread that it didn’t go so well.


I’m also afraid of heating it, and cold oatmeal does not sound appetizing. I’m certain the microwave would destroy it, but maybe slowly warming it up in a pot would work…


Alright, being busy with moving places largely concluded, back to experiments.

Main post updated with Experiment Zero: Soylent Cookie Dough!


I tried the cookie dough. It really does taste quite good, I was surprised. I had a 2/3 bag left, so I mixed that with the rest of its oil and 1 scoop of water, and it worked out pretty nicely. When aiming for cookie dough, I expected sugar would be needed, but straight soylent worked out well. I guess my coworkers describing soylent as tasting like cookie dough wasn’t that far off.


Agreed - I was expecting it to be decent, but it turned out surprisingly great.


You are a god amongst insects, sir!

… now I have to try that! :smiley:


Thanks! I just have to try this, resting in the fridge right now. I’ve been thinking it would need added sugar to come out right, so glad to hear you like it straight.

I added ~1.5 scoops of water, it seems to be a peanut butter consistency to start. I also added 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract.


It should thicken up overnight. “Peanut butter” was about the halfway point on mine, so you should have a pretty thick base once it sets.

And yeah - mine has mini chocolate chips, but other than that I really didn’t need to add anything. I think I’ll throw what I have left over in the oven tonight or tomorrow and see how it turns out as far as actual baking.

Cookies turned out okay, not great. They didn’t spread as much as expected, and the inside stayed doughy while the outside got crispy. I think I need to go with either lower heat (maybe 300 or so) or flatten them out a little more at the start. I’ll probably post some pictures tomorrow, or when I make the next batch.


As an update, using 1.5 scoops of water ended up with a texture very much like commercial “cookie dough” products.

Still working on making cookies from this, ironing out cook time/temp. It has become apparent that the cookies harden much more during cooling than I would have expected. Whether this is unique to Soylent or because I don’t normally bake cookies I do not know. I may need to actually add more water for actual baking, as the cookies so far are pretty… dense, I guess would be the term.

They taste good though. Really the only problem is straightening out crunchiness.


You might want to try adding some leavening agent, like baking powder, to make the cookies less dense. A reason that the cookies get harder as they cool could be due to the non-gluten mix. You may want to look at other gluten-free recipes to see the cooking times and use those as a baseline.


I actually do plan to get back to this eventually. But the cookie dough was one of my main goals, and I keep wanting to just make that because it turned out so well… :slight_smile:




yeahhhh I will get back to this at some point. I just haven’t been online much for a while as I’m both on the hunt for a job, and feeling particularly less than productive .

Pretty sure the Soylent isn’t to blame though - I’m not terribly lethargic, still doing other things, helping around the house, etc. Probably just regular procrastination :slight_smile:


I tried the cookie dough. I’m gonna call that one a failed experiment. I’d much rather drink it. The taste just isn’t right for me in dough form.


Try adding a little salt, if you haven’t? I noticed that it made the dough taste a little more… right. Leaving it overnight until it semi-solidifies is also somewhat essential. And the chocolate chips may help a little.

In general, I really liked how the cookie dough experiment turned out, but taste is very much an opinion, so you’re welcome to disagree :stuck_out_tongue:



I’d like to refresh the pudding suggestion in the hope that it becomes one of your next Soylent food experiments!


I think your just making excuses because you found the immense pressure of becoming a “Leader” in this forum too much to bear, and have intentionally stepped back from the forum until such a time as you lose your leadership status and can come back as just any old poster. ;b


I had tried adding salt and artificial vanilla extract to the cookie dough to no avail (perhaps I did not add enough).



I took one of the small packages of Jell-O chocolate instant pudding and mixed it with 2 cups of Soylent from the batch I made last night (instead of 2 cups of milk) and it may be the single greatest thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen. I put it in the fridge to set and then licked the blender clean.

I haven’t made pudding in quite a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s noticeably less thick when made with milk before it sets in the fridge for a bit. I’m interested to see how thick it gets after chilling for a few hours. If it gets too thick, it can probably be thinned down with more Soylent, which would be a good thing because that little box of powder is 400 calories worth of awesome.

Nutritional breakdown of the box of pudding:

400 calories
72 grams of sugar (holy crap!)
1,680 grams of sodium (72% DV)
100 grams of carbs (32% DV)
12% DV of fiber (not sure how many grams, says <1g for 1/4 box)
8% DV of iron

So… if we do a little math, 2 cups of Soylent = ~475 calories (@1 cal/ml), so I’ve got ~875 calories worth of pudding. According to the package, if it had been prepared with 2% milk it would have been 640 calories.

Note: I added salt when making my Soylent. If you’re planning on making Soylent pudding you might want to hold off on that due to the high level of sodium in the pudding powder.

Now I have to force myself to not eat the whole bowl in one sitting. :frowning:

I think I’ll be making Soylent pudding pies for Thanksgiving/Christmas this year.

<< Runs to the store to buy every flavor of instant pudding that sounds good.

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