Abnormal Soylent Food Experiment Log


:boom: Holy unhealthy, Batman :exclamation:

But I’m glad to know that it was super simple, and super tasty. I’ll definitely have to give it a go.


I tried V8 with Soylent too and it was obnoxious, but I want to try it again warm.


Try it, but i would suggest eating this cookie dough than cookies if you want to consume these regularly as AGEs will be a concern then.


I just tried adding a ramen noodle seasoning packet. It was horrible. Don’t.


David’s tea mint matcha is drinkable. Mix it into the powder first though or you get tiny matcha lumps. Why don’t they make the good flavours in powder form?


Anybody tried hot sauce?


This is good


This is good


Frank’s Red Hot, and it is… really different.


Good different? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Here’s something that someone else has probably done first, but is still worth trying.

  • 1 Bag of Soylent
  • 2-3 Scoops of [Flavor] Whey Protein
  • Water
  • Ice (Optional)

It should be noted that you want this mixture to be thick (closer to a pudding than a drink). Throw it all into a blender (or mixing bowl?) and then pour your servings into a container(s) of some sort. Put those containers in the freezer for a few hours or until Soylent is mostly solid.

You now have Soylent Icecream.


Alright. I’ve cracked the code to make Soylent powder drinkable. I use hot tea with a strong flavour (david’s Tea mint matcha or chocolate mint roiboos) instead of water. Then into the fridge. By the time it is cool the terrible aftertaste is magically gone. :grinning:


I believe there is concern about heating causing loss of nutrients or something. I have no idea if it is a real or even if it is enough to worry about.


Dammit. Back to the drawing board.


Don’t give up because of what I said. I could be 100% wrong. Maybe you could let the tea cool first? That being said, it is always good to be in “drawing board” mode. :slight_smile:


@Soylent is that true? Does heating affect the nutrition?


I don’t think the @Soylent account is active anymore (@Conor instead), but vitamin C can be destroyed by high temperatures.


Extreme heat and cold can effect nutrition. We formulate around the knowledge that our product is going to be in the back of trucks.


But not formulated with the assumption that it will be put in the microwave, etc. :slight_smile: