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My husband and I have been on Soylent now for 5 months. We are 59 and 63 years old,in excellent health, 5’ and 6’ respectively, each maybe 10 pounds from where we want to weigh. Without much change to our lifestyle, he has lost 6 pounds and I have lost 8. We spend 1/3 of what we used to on food, and a minimum of time preparing and cleaning up after meals (I’m talking 5 minutes here). We eat normal meals when the situation calls for it maybe once or twice a week (lunch meetings, dinner with friends, just plain feel like we have to have a burger, etc). Our kids are all grown and moved out so we are fortunate we don’t need to be concerned with fixing meals for non-soylent eaters. In that case, I’m not sure I could do it because I DO love food :smile: We plan on continuing for awhile more. Surely the excesses of Thanksgiving and Christmas are reasons enough to continue until then.

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Ok it’s been 125 days since I started Soylent (green).

I consume the suggested 1 bag of Soylent parsed to 4 times a day. Between my Soylent meals I also have 16oz of V8, 3 times a day as a cold drink or hot soup.

My schedule is:
0900-16oz Soylent
1100-16oz V8 or 11.5oz can
1300-16oz Soylent
1500-16oz V8 or 11.5oz can
1700-16oz Soylent
1900-16oz V8 or 11.5oz can
2100-16oz Soylent

I started at 327 lbs and I so far I have lost 60 lbs for an 18% loss, bmi dropped from44.35 to 36.21. I am a type II diabetic (surprise) and my daily insulin injections have dropped from 150u a day to 30u. My blood sugar readings have gone from a max of 600 (meter topped out) to max of 200 with an average of 90 before my first Soylent of the day. Awesome to say the least. I have been on insulin for 5 years and this is the first time it is under control.

I have used all types of shake style flavorings and syrups for
my Soylent drinks with few fails. My absolutely hands down favorite is Walden Farms Carmel Syrup. The best price I have found is from Vitacost.com which has it occasionally on sale for $3.22 with free shipping over $49. (My last order was for 60 bottles). I also use a medical/drink thickener to make it more like actual food, shake like. The best price I found so far is $3.40 8oz can (20 days) from blowoutmedical.com.

My food cravings now are no different now than they were before Soylent. I have and always will miss eating food, even when I was eating food. I drink lots of tea (no cream), black coffee and sugar free drink mix (like Crystal Light). If I miss a “meal” there are no hunger pains since at worst case I will go 4 hours without a meal, even so I wish Soylent came in a take-a-way can like Slim-Fast for those occasions.

I am absolutely sold on Soylent.

Grampa Dick (65)