About to pull the trigger - Recipe review


I have spent many, many hours as of late refining my recipe and I’m about ready to order/go buy everything. I was hoping you guys and gals might give it the once-over before I do.

A few notes about my recipe:
I’m leaning towards using rice protein over the more common whey protein. From what I’ve seen, there’s no downside to doing so, it’s a lot cheaper, and it’s what they’ll be using in the official Soylent, so I might as well go with that.

I realize my urine is going to be bright yellow from all the B vitamins. I’ve played around a lot with multi-vitamins and couldn’t find a mix to bring those levels down that didn’t also have me taking a bucket full of pills. If anyone knows a better multi I’d be interested, but I’m not worried about it.

That’s about it. Just looking for any red flags you guys see, tips, or criticism. I’m aiming for nigh full meal replacement and am really excited about the prospect. I’m 6’2", 165 lbs, and do some moderate exercise (swimming) 5 days a week.

Thanks for the help!


Rice itself is an incomplete protein: you can get rice/pea blends that are complete, I’ve personally just gone for soy. Also, distrust Swanson as a brand; that homeopathic shit is very vague about the actual chemistry and dosages of what they’re selling you.


There’s been a lot of back and forth about rice being incomplete on the boards and it seemed to me that this didn’t seem to be the case. I’m mostly referring to this discussion.

Specifically http://discourse.soylent.me/t/why-rice-protein/3680/11 and http://discourse.soylent.me/t/why-rice-protein/3680/12

I’ll look into replacing Swanson though.


Most people here are haphazard when it comes to Iron supplementation. Its a tricky supplement to deal with because if not taken the right way / dose / and combination it can cause many gastric side effects.

Personally, I have opted to supplement iron with Chlorella Powder as it is a great source. Of course it has its own bennefits and possible side effects.


No need to guess or rely on posts to know if you’re getting the essential AA’s. Create a new tab on your spreadsheet and list all of them. Then hit one of the calculators that will tell you how much you need given your age, etc.

Then you can breakdown each of your proteins AA’s by gram and have them all sum in the sheet. No guesswork needed, and you really don’t want to rely on it anyway when it comes to your health.


Don’t know why I didn’t do that before.

I took @bigepidemic’s advice and wrote out the amino acid profiles of each myself. And as @LdHenryWotton suggested rice came up short. Not that it was missing any of the essential AA’s, but it just had significantly less of each. I edited the recipe and doubled the amount of rice protein I was putting in. The second sheet now shows the updated amounts of each amino acid I would be getting from either recipe. While rice still isn’t 100% perfect it’s damn close and it’s certainly more than I’m getting now, haha.

As an interesting side effect, this also raised my iron to the point where I was able to get rid of the iron supplement that I had, resolving the issue @rkirkman brought up.

I’m still looking into replacing Swanson, but can’t find another good source of phosphorus. Any suggestions?

If anyone is curious, here is the link to my recipe that uses whey protein isolate instead of rice.


I’d whack the protein source into cronometer if I was you, I tried it with soy and found it gave me plenty of iron, phosphorous and magnesium.


As others have pointed out, rice protein has a PDCAAS of .55, while whey is 1.0. You’ll have multiple the amount of rice protein by 2 again (or 1.8) to account for digestion.


At this point I would really appreciate hearing from @CuriousBen, @JulioMiles or @rob on the issue, as I’m betting they’ve done some pretty good research on it since rice protein is apparently what Soylent will contain. Do I really need to double my protein again?


Every now and then I should mention that I have nothing to do with the Soylent Corporation. :smiley:

As I have decided to stay on my own version of Soylent, not buying the official one, because it’s more convenient for me; the rice thing doesn’t concern me too much - I’ll continue to use whey, so personally I didn’t do any research on rice protein.


Well here’s my foot in my mouth. I totally thought you were, since you’re so active on the boards here. Thanks anyway!



Obviously I’m not wanting to take chances with this, so I rolled up my sleeves and went about the protein issue a different way. Many sites and people here have recommended pea protein to compliment rice, so I looked into that. I also looked into adding hemp protein. Then I looked at combining pea and whey. Then I found a mystical pea protein that also could replace my multivitamin. That gave me really high levels of niacinamide though, which apparently isn’t really associated with niacin overages, but it still scared me off a bit, so I dropped that.

But now I have added in pea protein, accounted for the digestibility of both the rice and the peas, and have a 94% complete amino acid profile. (My whey isolate gives me 98% complete.) The profiles are detailed on the second page.

Thanks to everyone for the help on this and guiding me through the amino acid issues. If nothing else I have learned more than I ever thought I would about nutrition in the past month working on this.

Here is the updated recipe. (It’s a different document than the original post.)

EDIT: Also, for fun I included a third page where I made up some Nutrition Facts labels, both for a day worth, and for one “meal” worth of the recipe. Might print some off to show people when they ask me what the heck I’m drinking.


Perhaps you are not referring to the MSP? The nutritional contents are labeled pretty clearly, as far as I can see. I personally had a couple transactions with Swanson, and they were all positive experiences, though I didn’t buy any Swanson brand product other than the MSP.


For posterity:

In case anyone is looking to start their own recipe and looking here (I know mine started off as a chimera of ones I found on this forum) or is just curious, I should note some updates. The one I posted in the comment above has been edited to include potassium chloride, which helped lower the cost of potassium gluconate, which was one of the most expensive vitamins.

Additionally, a friend noted concern about vitamin A (among others) being fat soluble and therefore potentially toxic when taking over the RDA for an extended period of time since it takes forever to flush excess. So I hunted around multivitamins some more and found Spiru-tein. It’s a protein powder with vitamin and mineral supplements. It doesn’t contain 100% of everything, but it also doesn’t contain a billion percent of anything either. It’s as close to perfect as I think anything might reasonably be. A couple other pills to supplement the few things it’s lacking and the recipe is looking great.

I’m officially going to begin ordering components.
“We who are about to die, salute you!”

EDIT: I couldn’t resist making a few more tweaks before I actually ordered. I have done so now, and the recipe linked here is my final version. I promise.


After looking at several recipes on here, I just ordered all the ingredients in your formula. Should be arriving over the next 2-4 days, so I’ll be catching up with you as soon as I can.

Have you started on your mix yet? Any warnings/results/etc? Let me know if you want observations from a second guinea pig (myself) in here, as I’ll be going full time on this stuff when my shipment comes in.

Thanks for getting this recipe together and good luck (to both of us, I guess?)



Mate i love your recipe and the research you’ve put into it. 2 questions if you don’t mind.

  1. Is your goal with this recipe to maintain, lose or gain weight? The reason I ask is because I am 141 pounds and 6"1, looking to put on at least 10-20 pounds. Based on that knowledge how would you recommend I adjust the recipe?
  2. Do those daily costs include shipping of the product? Reason for that question is because I’m located in Sydney, Australia. So I’m just wondering how much extra I’ll pay to get that stuff over to here.


ps Goodluck @will_dobbins as well!


Thanks for the support man. Just FYI, the spreadsheet indicates that using this 3x daily will provide you w/ 2010 calories per day (see the Nutrition Facts tab if you missed it) - Might give you some indication of how it will treat you, assuming you know your caloric requirements.

Apart from that, there was another Aussie poster on here recently, who had made a app for building your own soylent recipes (with AU specific shipping options). See their post here. Not sure how useful it’ll be for you, but might be something to look into.


Good points Will thank you.
I’ve looked at the other post you mentioned a few times but I’m not as happy with the ingredient list as compared to this recipe. particularly with the use of whey vs rice vs pea protein. but his app is indeed very cool!


@will_dobbins and @nathan1.

Well I’m glad you guys like it! I certainly put many, many hours into researching it. I’ve learned more about nutrition in the past month than I ever thought I would. That being said, I don’t want to say “Of course this will work for you! It’s totally safe!” As I’m sure we’re all aware on this forum, this is all highly experimental and your health is ultimately your responsibility. Doing all the research and assembling the recipe has been a very rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it.

THAT disclaimer being said, I’m really excited that you like it and that I’ll have someone to compare results to. I have not gotten the opportunity to start on it yet. I ordered all the ingredients, and then had to leave town for a week. So I’m getting updates from my roommate (Hey, your metric-shit-ton of flour is here.) but I won’t be back till Friday to actually give it a go. Given I’ll be eating on my way home on Friday, I’m looking to have my first Soylent consumption on Saturday. Like Will I’m hoping to go on it full time. I will be very jealous if you get to try my recipe before I do! Haha! But good luck to you!

To your questions, Nate.
1: I am honestly going to try it out how it stands and see where I go from there. My dietary recommendation (6’2", 165lbs, mildly active) is for about 2500 calories. However, I seriously doubt that my daily intake is 2500 calories now. I have a tendency to not eat very much. However, if you are looking to gain weight you could easily up the calories. I would probably go for raising the maltodextrin, as that will also increase your carbs, and avoid raising fat and fiber, which are already pretty high.
2: Between local sourcing and ordering in bulk (and careful choosing of ingredients) I only ended up paying about $6.50 in shipping, which is not included in the daily cost estimates. Given the international shipping standards, the cost may go up quite a lot. You’d be well served to either bulk order, or even better to look for local sources. If you are really interested in sticking to this recipe, you might want to wait till Will and I have some feedback to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Again, I am thrilled that you guys like the recipe so much. Thanks for the support and I look forward to talking to you more about it as we go forward!

EDIT: Also, I’m assuming you guys are looking at the very latest recipe I posted in the comments above. Should say “Soylent 5.5 - Final” on the document.


Awesome awesome. I shall look for local sources of your list and compare the costs. So your true cost must be closer to $11 per day then?

Looking forward to an update on saturday/sunday as to how you go. Goodluck to both of you!