About Vitamin B-12, Why use Cyanocobalamin?


I know that Cyanocobalamin is cheaper, but it’s also less efficient for the body to absorb, and leaves Cyanide in the body after converting into methylcobalamin, which is the type of b-12 found in nature, the one for us to absorb, why not use that?
I think it reasonable to say that using Cyanocobalamin is more RISKY.

Details: http://www.methylcobalamininfo.com/methylcobalamin-vs-cyanocobalamin/

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From the old micro breakdown we have

Vitamin B12 (2.4ug) as Cyanocobalamin

The cyanide component of 2.4 micrograms of cyanocobalamin seems far below the acceptable daily intake. Without having done all the math I’d venture that you’d get as much if not more from fruits nuts and seeds.

as for “methycobalamininfo.com”… just the address alone does not seem like the most objective source possible on this topic.


Point taken, thanks!


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