Absorption Rates of Breakfast/Lunch combo


I’m on my third round of soylent, second round of people chow, and I had some questions about absorption rates.

Currently my recipe is - https://diy.soylent.me/recipes/pc-301-kogneto

I’m basing this off a modified Gov DRI male 19-50, 1500 cal, low carb, so my recipe shows 85% but I’m as close to 100% as possible (http://imgur.com/sLybPwv).

My current method is 40oz water + 2tbsp Zoyle, blend till mixture approaches 60oz, let settle a few minutes, pour into 2 blender bottles, drink 1 per day in the morning. Two 1200mg Calcium / 1000iu Vitamin D3 pills spread out while at work.

I was wondering if there is research out there on absorption rates, I’ve seen a lot of responses but none with any sources or citations. I get home from work at around 5pm, and after a short dog walk my appetite picks up, but I go the entire day without feeling hungry.

Would it be better to split breakfast and lunch? Would it be even more better to split it into 2nd breakfast and elevensies as well? Does it really matter? My pee is slightly neon from the Vitamin B’s, but considerably less than my first round of people chow when I was following it to the T.

I do love the flavor and consistency at this point, thick but it’s like I can’t stop chugging it. I was going to split today’s in 2 but after I hit the halfway mark on my first swig I just kept going.

As far as feeling wise, I don’t feel hungry till the evening, and I’m a LOT less stressed now that I’m not worrying about where to eat at lunch, or having to remember to pack a lunch in the morning.


If it feels good do it. I prefer to swig about 250 calories worth. That keeps me satisfied for a couple hours.


If consuming it all together isn’t causing you any problems, I wouldn’t worry about it. Some people have more bloating/gas if they consume it all at once… the science suggests that the body adapts and gets very good at absorbing nutrients from many small meals per day, or from very few large meals per day (even one meal.)

On the Calcium and D3 - firstly, while Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, it’s the Vitamin D in your blood and intestines that improves your Calcium update, not the Vitamin D you take with the Calcium supps. So it’s not necessary to take them together - though it’s not a bad thing, if that helps you to remember to take them.

Generally speaking, fat-soluble vitamins like D are better absorbed if consumed with a meal with some fats in it, as opposed to an empty stomach.

On the Calcium - 2 x 1200mg pills as a supplement to existing dietary calcium is a hefty dose; are you working on overcoming a calcium deficiency? You should probably consider the kind of calcium. Two things to note:

First, when taking a calcium supplement (pure calcium - in chemistry terms, elemental calcium; calcium in foods is typically bound to proteins or acids, forming bioavailable salts), the system doesn’t do well absorbing more than about 500 mg at a time, so it may be best to break it down to smaller than 1200 mg pills.

Secondly, consider the form of calcium supplement. Most forms of calcium are very poorly absorbed if not taken with food; your stomach produces acid in response to food intake, and it takes acid to get the calcium absorbed. The common exceptions are calcium citrate and calcium citrate malate, which you can take any time and get good absorption. (Before you can absorb it, you need stomach acid to convert calcium into a salt; calcium citrate is a calcium salt of citric acid, so it’s effectively pre-processed already.)


Thanks for the response MentalNomad, great info here

I’m taking it because I was not getting my full amount of Vitamin D, as we have little sunlight here, and my thinking was that by taking it with Calcium it would boost the absorption. I had also read that certain vitamins utilize the same absorption spots, so taking Calcium and D with Iron and Magnesium would reduce their effectiveness. I did not remember that D is fat soluble and should be taken with a meal.

I’m guessing I need to do more digging to figure out the best times to take what, and with what.


ugh, self control, I guess I could try to muster some :wink: