Absorption: Soylent versus other nutritional alternatives


One reason that people take foods rather than supplements is that they’re more absorptive.
How does Soylent encourage nutritional absorption in the body?


Diluted to a form that is consumed over the duration of a waking day is probably a good start. I assume it’s easier for the body to absorb nutrients that way than an entire supplement pill at once… I’m no expert however, and who knows how this effects mineral interactions with each other. Does it make them more likely to block each other? Or less likely? Depends on the mineral? Hmm. Questions.


Yeah this is one area where I’m optimistic but we definitely need more research. Complex interactions at play and even outside Soylent we seem to have a relatively flimsy grasp of how it all works in our bodies.


This is the part that worries me a little. If it’s the only thing I’m eating (more or less) then I want to be pretty sure I’m absorbing most of what’s in it.

Besides just paying attention to how I feel how would I know if I have a deficiency?


Blood tests!
They do cost some money and needles hurt, but I think everyone testing a prototype as a full replacement and for more than a week should have some tests done and talk about the results with a doctor, at least once, maybe 3-4 weeks in.

Just to be safe.


What specific tests would you recommend?


Personally I wouldn’t have the first idea about that, so I’ll quote from someone else (Rob’s blogposts):

“So…I’ll just ship you some of my batch. If you are willing to consume exclusively soylent, and get a CBC, chem panel, and lipid blood test before and after the week and share your results with me it’s on the house. Bonus points for getting a psych evaluation before and after. The brain is an organ.”


Let’s face it - this is why we should wait for the Kickstarter project to start, and possibly even complete. I’m not going to try this DIY because of exactly this kind of question is open to my own interpretation and I don’t trust myself to make the right decision.

I want to be able to buy a semicomplete pack, supply my own Whey, oil and oats in amounts specified on the pack, and then give my doctor a brochure or something so he knows what to test for. Anything more DIY than that is for people who have a lot more trust in their own decision making skills and chemical/biological knowhow than I have.


People worry too much when it comes to soylent, but we don’t worry nearly as much when people are eating typically unhealthy diets, in which we are almost assuredly getting too much of this and not enough of that. Besides, lots of people fast for weeks at a time. Honestly, just trying it out and seeing how you feel, getting blood tests, and adjusting as you go can’t hurt anything. The body has mechanisms to adapt to changes in diet and the best way to know these things is through testing. A lot of the data on absorption through supplements isn’t entirely applicable to a full-Soylent diet, because that is assuming there are other sources for these things.