Accelerated Timeline?


Hey folks, question for the Soylent team:

Given that the Crowdtilt campaign was originally set for a month, but was 220% funded in a matter of hours, is there any hope of getting started early and moving up the potential delivery date?

Many thanks!


Wow, I was wondering the same thing. August would be good, but sooner would be even better!


Highly unlikely, the schedule given has included things like delivery dates for products to the plant, manufacturing times and I’m willing to bet there’s a fair bit of red tape to be run through also in order for this to come off properly which can’t be sped up much if at all.

The month of funding will allow soylent to get a massive capital boost to begin with which will help the company grow and incite bigger investors to hop on board, all of which are very very good for soylent both as a company and product.

This will also very possibly reduce cost for the second wave substantially and maybe bring the multinational release forward. A little patience now will save a whole lot of time and money in the medium term.