Acceptable Expiration Date?


I recently ordered 20 cases of various flavors from Amazon. I found sale prices, then stacked five on subscribe-and-save for additional savings.

Different flavors had different expiration dates. My exact question: at what point is the expiration date to soon to be shipping out?

I understand that 1) Soylent is good beyond the one-year expiration date, and 2) Soylent operates under a FIFO process. If you get an order delivered January 24, 2018 it is unreasonable to expect an expiration date of January 23, 2019. But if you get an order delivered January 24, 2018, an expiration date of February 24, 2018 would be disappointing.

In my case, I got six cases that all expire May 8, 2018. Three-and-a half months is technically acceptable, but it also means I’ve now got to prioritize my consumption of three cases of cacao and three cases of mocha first, as opposed to alternating between all six flavors, as I originally intended. (The other 14 cases expire anywhere from July-November 2019.)


Iirc, it’s commonly agreed that Soylent is perfectly fine for a year past the expiration date. And even beyond that, you’re just looking at some of the nutrients degrading below their 20% RDA.


I understand the mechanics of Soylent. I understand that at worst, the Vitamin C may degrade slightly. I’m asking a different question. What is a standard agreeable window for shipping out a product relative to it’s expiration date?

Like, if all 20 cases came with an expiration date of tomorrow, that would be legally fine. But it would not be optimal.


As long as I will drink it all before expiration, I don’t care. I stack my boxes from soonest to expire to longest just as a matter of course, so even when I get a box or two with a short expiration I always get through them in time.


Hi Ric,
Soylent product used to fulfill orders must have at least 90 days left before the printed expiration date. As you mentioned, our warehouses do operate under FIFO system which typically allows FEFP system. Please reach out to if you have further questions. Thank you.


Agreed. It is just that, with 20 boxes ordered, I’ve got to ignore my other flavors and go 24/7 cacao to drink it all before expiration date.

(I don’t even care if I go beyond the expiration date. I was just wondering what the acceptable norm consensus was. And it’s good to know of the “90 days left” policy.)