Acceptance is the key to happiness


Knowing this, I’ve accepted that when I ordered my Solyent, that I might not see it for a very long time. Seeing the updates, that might turned into a def won’t and no amount of complaining, wishing, berating, questioning or whining will change this fact.

I don’t work for RL, sit on their board, or own any part of the company. I don’t expect certain things and when the things I do expect don’t happen, I don’t taken them personally.

Today I am comfortable knowing that that when my Soylent does get here, I’ll drink it and order more when it’s gone.

Life is full of ups and down’s…I want my Soylent now. I don’t need my Soylent now.


The root of all discontent is violated expectations. Moreso when willful.


Easiest way around that is to keep expectations in check, and if and when they fail to be met, just roll with it.


Or, rather than “accepting” things that are completely within your power to fix, just get a refund now and re-order when/if they get themselves sorted out. It’s wrong to simply “accept” a problem that you have the ability to fix. Every advancement that humanity has ever made (from agriculture to the wheel to medicine to indoor plumbing to civil rights to the Internet) has been due to someone saying “no, I won’t accept this”. Our ancestors could have accepted a hunter/gatherer lifestyle and a 75% infant mortality rate, but aren’t you glad they didn’t?


A refund is not a solution to the issue I’m accepting.


Accept other’s whining then, and stop posting in this thread which you shouldn’t have created in the first place. Hypocrite! :wink:


Ok mr happy, I have a choice what to accept and my post was in the first person. Plus if people can post and whine, I can post and accept…Enjoy your day:-)


Well said @Muggle! I am in your camp. I don’t begrudge others their complaining, but just ignore it. If no one responds to the complaints, they tend to go away. Both complainers and accepters want to be engaged in discourse. I simply choose to engage the accepters (is that even a word?)

Opinions are like buttcracks. Everyone has one. That’s the beauty of our world.

To me, the worst thing that could possibly happen is that my Soylent never arrives and I get to keep eating prodigious amounts of bacon, cupcakes and sub sandwiches. That’s certainly not the end of the world!




I’m the happiest person around! You didn’t even recognize a joke with a winkie, so there’s no way you’re in the happy camp! It’s OK though because I accept that. :wink:

Amen to that. :sunny:


Didn’t see the winkie, lol…opps


It’s OK - it was probably the sun in your eyes. :sunny: haha



I’m in!. 20 characters…


Heh. Actually, NO.