Accessibility of the web site


Hello. I use a screen reader, VoiceOver for the Mac. This technology enables a blind person to use a computer. I program and do accessibility consulting, and have noticed a few major problems and a number of minor ones with the site. Since Soylent seeks to make food accessible to all, their web site should reflect this by showing a commitment to accessibility.

Major problems:
On the home screen, selecting a supply does not work with standard keyboard commands. A screen reader user must do a simulated mouse click, something many would not know to do.
I cannot start a subscription, because of a similar problem on the login screen to the subscription portal. The element to send the signup link does not respond to the keyboard OR to a simulated mouse click. As a result I have wasted $55 already because I cannot get the reduced rates. I hope @Soylent can help me at least activate my account, though obviously they need a permanent solution.

Minor problems:
The navigation menu has numbers interspersed with the links. Annoying but it doesn’t break anything.
The footer has some links with generic labels.
The forum has many unlabeled buttons, such as on the screen to edit this post.

Standard advice applies. Label your links, buttons, and images. Use standard controls whenever possible, and augment nonstandard controls with ARIA tags.

I hope to see some improvement in the future in keeping with Soylent’s philosophy. I also hope I can get a subscription account created.



You make some very good points. I’ve forwarded your post to some friends to see if they can help out. Welcome to the community