Account/subscription info deleted! Anyone else?


My subscription usually renews on the 29th. I wanted to make a couple of alterations to next month’s order, but when I went to log in, my subscription and purchase history were both completely missing!

I’ve emailed Soylent, but has anyone else had this experience? Is it a known bug or just something on my end? I’m concerned now about getting next month’s order on time.


they changed their home page and login process. Banner WE’VE MADE SOME CHANGES! If you haven’t already, be sure to update your login information: RESET PASSWORD -The link does nothing (url is,, ooook) my usual login info does not work, did forgot you password reset 10 mins ago. no email yet.


Same thing happened to me.

Email support. They’ll send you a direct link to your subscription. All is well. Nothing is lost.

I can’t login, either, but they’re working on it.

They made changes last night that broke some things.


Reach out to for your account issues.


back and forth with Support and the final word is
“No new account is necessary, all accounts are being migrated over, however not all information is visible to the customer yet.
We should have all information available tomorrow.”


Been 4 days since this problem started and I’m still having the same issue. Should we keep waiting or do we need to reach out individually to fix this?


Hmm, nothing fishy going on with mine :confused: :frowning:


Apparently we’re supposed to reset our passwords. But when I click the Reset Password link, nothing happens. I’ve turned off the popup blocker, deleted all soylent related cookies, even tried it on Edge. Nothing works. I hope someone at the info address can help.


Aaand nevermind. Of all the stupid things, I was finally able to get to the reset password page on my phone. Which also has the popup blocker turned on, so who knows what was stopping it from working on my PC.


An update on my situation just for the sake of everyone else having problems: while I did manage to get in and update my subscription, they only sent and charged me for part of it. (I had added 2 boxes of Strawberry and altered the amounts for Original/Cacao, and they only shipped Strawberry.) I emailed them and they got back before too long, apologizing and telling me they’d manually placed an order for the rest of my subscription. So hopefully, that’ll all arrive soon.


Hah yeah, I started off trying to do it on Chrome (PC) and deduced one or some of my ad blocker annoyance filter settings were getting in the way but I switched to Edge and it worked fine.


My subscription prices have changed and what happened to the pause or reschedule subscription button?

I’ve already emailed them about the price but forgot to mention the pause button, anyone know if it’s coming back?



Likewise. My grandfather’d prices are no longer showing on the account page. It says I paid the larger price my last two shipments (the only shipments that now appear on my accounts page). But looking at my bank account, I was charged the correct, lower grandfather’d price. So, very confusing to see two separate numbers.