Ace's Soylent Recipe


Soylent caught my eye in the recent PopSci issue. I’ve only been around for a couple weeks, but have been dying to give this a shot.

I’ll be starting Monday or Tuesday, depending on when my supplies arrive.

I used to blend proteins/fats/carbs; they let you make custom mixes.

Here was my first blend at TN:

Medium-Chain Triglycerides: 20%
Grass-Fed Whey Protein: 15%
Whole Egg Protein: 10%
PeptoPro Protein: 5%
Micellar Casein: 5%
Gemma Pea Protein: 5%
BCAA: 5%
Pysllium Husk Powder: 10%
WaxyMaize: 10%
ModCarb: 10%
Dextrose: 5%

I supplemented with other things, as you can see in the recipe.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


10% psyllium husk may cause you some gastric distress. Expressing the composition as %s is confusing.


I can’t post images yet, but if you check out the recipe the fiber is in the TN blend. It is about 3.1g per scoop (out of 30g), and each meal is two scoops, so I’m getting about 6.2g of fiber each meal.

Do you think that is too much? I set my daily total for fiber at 30g, so I bump right up against that with my planned five shakes a day.


Very complex mix of macronutrients! Looks like a fair bit of thought went into it.

If you look at your vitamins and minerals you’ll see that a bunch of them are still at substantially less than 100%: C, D, E, K, biotin, and actually all of the minerals except manganese. Typically the way that I get all of my micros to 100% is I start with a carefully chosen multivitamin (Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, Rainbow Light Multi, and Centrum Men, but not Centrum Adults Under 50, are all good), then I add a grains and/or nuts (oat flour, almond flour, something like that) to top off most of my minerals, and then I individually supplement whatever’s left, which is my case almost always ends up being calcium, potassium, choline, maybe magnesium, and sodium and chloride (i.e. salt). Works like a charm.

For your shortages of C, D, E, K, and biotin, the easiest solution is to pick a different multivitamin; a good multivitamin for soylent mixing has 100% RDA of everything except some minerals. Then adding grains and/or nuts will knock out most of your mineral shortages, and you individually supplement whatever’s left.


I’ve been playing with the TN mixes myself lately, trying to find the best combination of nutrition and cheapness, so I’m very interested in this!

On the fiber issue, 30g sounds like a decent goal, but how much are you getting now? I started off at about 30g, but that was apparently way more than I was getting pre-soylent, and my bowels revolted. I’m now at 18g per day and slowly increasing.


Not so much thought as haphazardly throwing things into the pot, so to speak :smile:

The ModCarb blend is a whole grain blend, so I wonder what minerals are in that. It’s not listed on their website. I’ve asked, we’ll see if I get a reply…

I’ll have to check out those vitamins you mentioned. I’m already supplementing the calcium, potassium, choline and sodium.


I’m not sure that TN provides the cheapest options, but I think their offerings are well-rounded and offer some good options. Money is less of a concern for me. I spend a ton of money on food, so really anything I do will be an improvement over the last six months. I hate to say that out loud, but it’s true.

I would highly recommend the chocolate coconut flavoring btw. I had no problem chugging down the first round of liquids this morning… It was delicious with a bit of skim milk.

My fiber intake varies… I suspect I am either less affected by variability or I’m just too dumb to notice. It’s kind of a toss-up. We’ll see how I feel; today is my first day. :smile:


Good luck! :slight_smile:

I wanted to correct myself: the Centrum Men multivitamin isn’t a good one, in the sense of “good” meaning having 100% of every vitamin and most minerals. I don’t know why I thought this.


I had a real problem finding a complete multi-vitamin. I even checked out vitaganic or vitagenics or something like that to create a custom vitamin and bailed when the vitamin generator came back at ~$100 for a 30-day supply.

I will probably just supplement with the individual vits/mins. This is my current stack:

(mega woman multi, triclosamine for joints, calcium, omega-3-6-9, magnesium)


That looks like a reasonable stack to me! You won’t really find a pill containing all of the vitamins and minerals, in no small part because all of that stuff wouldn’t physically fit in a single pill.