Active Lifstyle while Committed to Soylent

I’m currently an Athlete and I have gone a distance with soylent. I don’t notice crashes or superior energy drain while consuming it before and after workouts. Though I do feel hungry at times. What are you guys experiencing with a true soylent diet while being active.

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I haven’t noticed any effect of 100% Soylent consumption on going for runs of an hour or so a day or several trips to the gym a week. I’m not sure what the definition of an active lifestyle is, really, but I’d say it was fully compatible with Soylent and vice versa.

I felt much weaker after a while, until I added extra protein. (mountain biking + resistance training) I’m not as active now, though. That was on Soylent 1.2/3.

Active in terms of physical exercise more than 3 times a week.

I felt much weaker until I added whey. Then I felt pretty good. I rock climb, run, and do a little bit of general weight training; I exercise 4 or 5 times a week.

I feel fine… I do consume more than 2000kcal/day. I’ve been tweaking 1.5 to give a macro profile similar to 2.0 (added whey protein and light olive oil). This works great for all but really high intensity workouts (sprinting) for which extra carbs do increase peak performance.

But for long runs or rides the macros in 2.0 seem to be fine.