Actual volume per bag?

So I make each meal separately because I am on a 2300+ calorie diet and often have soylent only for 1-2 meals per day. I use the 1/2 cup measuring cup provided to mix the right amount of calories, but only get 7 scoops per bag, instead of 8. There is suppose to be 8 scoops at 250 calories each to get to 2000 calories per bag.

  1. What is causing this? Settling during shipment?
  2. How do we measure the right amount of calorieS? Take 7/8 of a scoop for each 250 calorie amount?

Which version of Soylent and which scoop? The directions are different if you’re using 1.4 with the legacy measuring scoop.

  1. The density of a powder will vary depending on how compacted or loose it is. I guess you could sift the powder to improve consistency, but who wants to do that?
  2. If you want to be precise, you’ll need a scale that measures in grams (about $10 if you don’t have one). If you don’t need to be that precise I would just do your best with the scoop.

If you want, another alternative would be to make a full pitcher. It can last longer in the refrigerator than the official directions would have you believe, if your pitcher and water are both clean. I’ve gone past 72 hours with no issue. That way it’s super easy to measure calories: one pitcher is 2000 calories, so 1/2 pitcher is 1000 calories, 1/4 pitcher is 500 calories, etc.

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Could be settling in the bag - but scooping in the bag will compact into the scoop, and you might try using the back of a knife to level the top of the scoop. Seven small mounds of Soylent atop your scoops may consume much of the eighth scoop.

They pack it by weight. That’s the surest way for you to measure it out, if you choose to.

Alternately, weigh how much you’re getting into a scoop, and then you can develop a feel for how much less to use.

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Yep. Weighing it is the only guaranteed way. Since I am a little obsessive about precision by nature, I did some informal testing almost immediately after I got my first shipment. When the scoop has the correct weight of powder has the powder firmly packed, it is noticeably concave. Since that initial test I have always weighted, or made whole bags at a time and filled the pitcher to a precise mark, so that one serving is a predictable volume.

Cool. Thanks for the quick responses Everyone. I will try one of those solutions. I am using the scoop that came with the 1.4 starter kit, so I thought it would be accurate.

It’s not any more or less accurate than any other scoop can be when dealing with easily compactable powders; it is just that scoops are kind of useless for anyone that cares about the kind of precision we’re discussing.

Sidenote: I don’t remember the specifics, but I tried with a 1/3 cup measuring cup once and that packed was more useful (not an exact fraction of a serving, but pretty damn close).