ACTUAL whole foods recipe


New real whole foods recipe!:

I don’t think I’d really put this all in a blender and let it rip, but it’s a nutritionally complete meal, which was difficult enough on it’s own to create.

Most other “whole food” recipes used fortified foods, this does not. The nutritional content of vegetables isn’t that reliable as far as I know, however.

I made it in my soylentV2 recipe maker (soylentv2.xlsx).

Changes that need to be made:
Lower protein
Raise fat
Lower carbs (esp. sugars)

Lower Iron
Lower magnesium

It’s a good problem to have when you mostly need to lower your nutrient content, however :wink:

Let me know what you think, and if you have any improvements.


Can you not put this in It’s easier to compare with other recipes.


I’ll try, last time I used it I was very confused by the layout.
I figured it out. But it didn’t have some of the ingredients.
Pain in the ass I’ll do it later.


You can’t add new ingredients?


I actually don’t think that would taste so bad. I also don’t think sugars are a problem since it’s only tomatoes, the ‘sugar’ isn’t exactly refined! I should say though that if you haven’t used spirulina before, 100g is A LOT! It would have incredibly intense flavour (not entirely bad), colour, and most problematically, cost. At the rate I get it, 100g is £1.85 - about 3 USD.

I would probably eat the brazil nuts alone and blend the rest.


Yeah it would be rather costly, but I couldn’t help myself in trying to create a ‘soylent’ using the opposite of the pure approach. I just always end up thinking to myself, and what if there’s an apocalypse and I have to grow my own food? I’d like to know how I’d do this then.

Strange inspiration, but anyways thanks for your comments.


Just wasn’t worth the effort at the time, I have to learn the system first.


Interesting! Yes, that looks like a lot of spirulina; I wonder, if you were to substitute dulse for the spirulina whether that would result in an inadequate profile; dulse would taste okay, I think, but I haven’t seen a detailed breakdown for it. It’s reasonably priced in bulk, as whole dried seaweed.

But is it “ACTUAL” if you “don’t think you’d really put this all in a blender and let it rip”? If you got rid of the spirulina I’d think it might be palatable enough. BTW why are the sweet yellow peppers in there? Is it solely for their vitamin C content? If so, you might want to see if you could discover another veg that would make a better all-round contribution. They are mostly water and don’t do a heck of a lot, do they?


If that were the reason, Broccoli has loads of Vitamin C and is also rich in many micros.


That is the reason, and thank you very much I’m going to test out the changes.


What is dulse?
I’ll give it a shot.

haha well it’s a soylent for anyone willing to blend it, but for me personally I would use this instead of soylent for maybe one meal each week.


I couldn’t find complete nutritional information on dulse, but the spirulina is really only there for the copper. If I could find another source of copper then I could get rid of the spirulina and up the dried tomato content instead.


According to the numbers I’m using, Spirulina has 6.1mg of Copper per 100g, and the RDA (from Nebraska-Lincoln 09 ) is 0.9mg. How come you’re using so much?


Thanks for the information, there may be a fundamental flaw in my spreadsheet.


I’ve updated the recipe based on all of these suggestions.


It says “Ketogenic: yes”, yet you have 141g carbs.

Saturated fat UL is outdated, it’s not actually bad for you.

That much flaxseed oil may affect the taste. It has a very tart aftertaste, I use 15ml in 2L of mix, at which level its faintly present but easily tolerable.

You’re over the RDA for Vitamin A, but it’s okay because only half is from fish oil (preformed aka dangerous), the remainder being safe plant VitA for which there is probably no real UL.


There was no way to avoid that. At least it’s still low-carb and high-fat. That’s good enough for me.

I did my best to stay within the recommended ranges.

In that case it’s fine whether I get saturated or unsaturated fat, so there’s no need to change anything at all.

I know.

The association between saturated fat and heart disease is actually an association between foods containing saturated fat usually also having a high cholesterol content among other things.


It’s a temptation to post LMGTFY but I’ll resist it. :smiley:

Dulse is an edible reddish-purpleseaweed (Palmaria palmata Kuntze) harvested in Atlantic Canada. Once it has been dried out, it can be eaten whole and has a pleasant savoury flavour, though probably an acquired taste. These people Rolands Sea Vegetables, Grand Manan, NB can supply it; I’ve found them nice to deal with.


I ended up not needing the spirulina, I mis-represented the DV for copper.
Now i need something for folate and my recipe is done. I’ve actually been able to make this all into a salad.


This is a very impressive recipe. Specifically it’s impressive that you apparently managed to get complete nutrition with so few real foods. I could see this being quite tasty as a salad.