Adam's Soylent Experience Log


I’ve been lurking for a few weeks, plotting the creation of my own batch of soylent. After much research on here and the web I just created my first batch of soylant, which I will begin taking in full tomorrow (10 June). Gave it a quick taste and it’ pretty darn good. Easily drinkable. I credit this to how much chocolate flavored protein is being used in my batch.

I’m a powerlifter so more protein is better, but I’m going to reduce protein from what I have been taking, around 175-200 a day. If I see a reduction in strength gains it’s easy enough to add more protein back in…

My macros are: Protein 117g, Carbs 265g, Fat 79g (total calories 2,224)

I tried sourcing all of my ingredients locally, but I am at a loss for finding sulfur around here so had to buy from amazon. All in all I spent about $165 to get up an running.

I plan to use this as my daily (maybe weekly) log of how my batch of soylent is affecting me and my experience in general.

That’s it for now.


Do you have a link to your recipe and sourcing?


Wow, your recipe sounds perfect for me. Any chance of a google doc of the formula? I look forward to following this thread.


I’m not going to share my formula until I have lived with this for a while.

Day 1
Woke up around 8am and a few sips of soylent around 8:30. My entire day’s worth fits into one shake container (like what you would see guys carrying at the gym with protein).

It’s about 2pm now and I have generally taken 2-3 sips every 1.5-2 hours as I have felt a little hungry. I am already in the habit of drinking about 2 liters of water a day so I have kept up with that also.

The consistency and taste are still appealing (though a bad taste is left in my mouth). I have noticed the oil I use for my fat source sinks to the bottom between servings so I have to shake quite a bit before drinking…interested to taste what’s left at the bottom at the end of the day.


I’m unsure what compels you to not share your recipe, but I would advise against not sharing your recipe, especially if this is replacing your whole diet. The main reason is to have another set of eyes to double check your numbers to verify that you are getting what you need, and not going over on things that could be toxic.

Also I am a little surprised that your whole day fits into a single shaker. While I have a few more calories and protein than you do in yours, there wouldn’t be a way for me to fit my entire day into a single 1.5 liter shaker. Mine is currently broken into 4 shakers. Although I could conceivably fit it into 3 shakers, maybe even 2 if I really tried.

I’m curious, what is your LBM at? With you being a power lifter I am curious as to what your per pound to protein gram is. Most heavy lifters that I know like to keep it at around 1.2 - 1.4 grams per LBM pound, I don’t think I know of anyone that goes below 1 gram per LBM pound.

Good luck with your test.


Thanks for the comments and questions. I gathered a great amount of information from your recipe thread on here…so, thanks for that.

I was surprised my whole day of soylent fit into one container as well. For now, I’m not adding a whole lot of water to the mix (2 cups)…maybe that’s why. Do you add a lot of water to yours? I’m thinking about breaking mine down into two containers just for the sake of convenience so I don’t have to carry all of it around with me all day.

My LBM is around175lbs (total weight of 220lbs). I believe your protein per body pound is off. From my research over the years weightlifters should consume around 1.2 - 1.5 grams per KILOGRAM…not pound. With that in mind, I am right on target for the high side.




Cont’d Day 1…

Got a rush of energy around 3pm and was really hard to stay my desk so I walked a few lapse. This type of thing normally doesn’t happen so I’m taking note.

After work I went to the gym. Luckily it’s a testing/rest week for me…seeing what my max effort lifts are…so I’m not using as much energy there as I do with normal workouts. I did hit a new PR on squat: 455lbs. Never felt tired at the gym. Just chugged water…no soylent in the gym, but had two sips when I got to my car.

I only have a little bit of my mix left, which I’m saving for later so I make sure I don’t go to bed hungry. Water seems to keep any hunger pains away. I haven’t not experienced any rumbling in my stomach that other on here have reported.


@Kalamazoo - Don’t leave us hanging! It’s been over a week since your day 1. We want updates! :smile:


i am guessing “Adam” aka @Kalamazoo’s recipe may have had some issues, since he has not been online since june last year. lets hope it was not toxic, and he just got bored with it or something.