Added a scoop of casein protein powder to help with diy hunger


People Chow Premium - Was getting a little hungry in between , probably because I’m so sleep deprived and added a scoop of casein protein powder to help…Adds about ~20 grams of protein and thickens it up a lot…

So far so good.


I make my own formula that cuts the Masa down to just about 300 grams and brings the protein up to 110 grams. I’ve always been someone who uses Whey products, is there a particular advantage to using some Casien in addition to the whey? I’m not super familiar but I would be open to trying it out, I just like the whey 90% isolate because it’s a very lean and complete protein source.


It’s slower digesting than an isolate so it keeps you full {er} longer…That’s the way it was explained to me and since I’m a computer guy, not a nutrition guy, it made sense and actually helps…On days I go heavy at the gym I use a isolate for quicker absorption


Okay that would make sense. I’ve known some people to take casein as a late in the day or even before bed protein shake for that very reason to insure the body has protein available during the full nights sleep (I’m not anywhere near a level where I’d be concerned about that though). In that same thought I could see how the slower digestion would also help maintain satiety.


Yep…The funny thing for me about this whole soylent thing is that I ran across the website when I was searching for ways to curb my hunger…I found casein, which by itself didn’t do it for me, but combined with the diy I’m on helps a lot…It’s not a perfect solution and I know everyone is different and will respond differently…Looking forward to try it with original when it gets here.:slight_smile: