Added oil before mixing


I added oil to the batch I was making before I mixed and now there are a bunch of chunks in the pitcher. Should I just throw this batch out or is it redeemable?


Let it soak for a while (preferably overnight), and give the pitcher another good, long shake before pouring yourself a glass. Even if the chunks are still around, I don’t think they’re annoying enough to throw out ~$10 worth of food.


You can use a couple of spoons to break up the bigger chunks for soaking overnight.


If you have a blender, that will definitely save it.

I use a hand-held blender for all my mixing now. (“Immersion Blender.”) Just makes a much smoother blend for my DIY with less effort.


Immersion blender for the win. Just use the whisk attachment (mine has removable attachments) and blend away any chunks. I’ve used it with Official, various DIY blends, just about anything. No clumps at all… ever!

I also use Blender Bottles with the silly springy whisk ball. But it works. No clumps in anything.


Or if you don’t happen to have an immersion blender with seperate attachments lying around, use a regular whisk :wink:


There is no need to throw out this batch. I do the same thing as you, add the oil to the dry ingredients then add water. I let it soak overnight and give the container a good shake before pouring. I also use a 28oz blender bottle to break up any remaining chunks.



The soylent didn’t seem to have any chunks when I got it out to drink it; at which point it had been sitting for almost 24 hours. I shook it anyways and I cannot tell any difference in flavor or texture. Interestingly, it also seemed like the oil hadn’t separated like it typically does when I let it sit that long although I wasn’t looking for that as much as the chunks so I might be remembering wrong.

Thanks for the help all.


Remember the DIY soylent has no preservatives and letting it sit, even in the fridge, for extended periods isn’t a great idea. After about 48ish hours I’ve noticed a hiss when I open the container and if I look closely enough I can see little bubbles rising to the surface. Very clear signs that something is living in it.

As far as the separation issue consider adding some lecithin to the mixture. Its an emulsifier. It bonds to both the oil and the water and keeps them from separating.