Adding a month after backerkit. Do you get it sooner?


I ordered 1 week in the original crowd-funding campaign last year. If I were go to and use the same email address to add another month, with I get the Soylent sooner ? (i.e. “jump” in line to the 5 weeks total group?)

Sorry if this has already been answered in the forums but I could not seem to find it.


Sorry, the cutoff to add more to your initial order is past. (Wish I’d have added an extra week myself.)


People that do have initial order (before that cutoff date) do have priority for reordering more so no harm in ordering another month.


But they won’t be able to get further ahead in the shipping queue. (that’s how I understood the question, anyways)


That’s what I think too. Just can get reorders faster when got Soylent.



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