Adding Additional Soylent To Order? 4/17/2014


I saw the update, and desperately want to be included in the first wave of shipments. I currently have 1 month ordered and that puts me in the 2 week - 3 week range. If I add 2 additional weeks today, will that put me in the week one shipping?

EDIT: Nevermind. Looks like I’m too late to add more -_- which means I should be expecting it sometime in June.


I also only have one month ordered and I thought that meant we would be having our orders shipped the last week of April… why would you expect your order to arrive in June, which is a month later? They said orders will arrive within 3 days max of when they are shipped.


I’m accounting for delays, and assuming i’ll get mine shipped on the last day of the estimated 3rd week -_-

I’ve been burned too often to trust the estimate haha.


Ugh! I wish they would have told us that there would be another tier about 1-month orders! I originally only ordered 2 weeks and I increased it after hearing that 1-month would be shipping first. I would have ordered 6 months if I knew I would get it earlier! I am so sick of living on SmartOnes and sugar-free pudding…



I’m so tired of muggle food.