Adding caffeine to soylent?


Has anyone tried adding a powdered CNS stimulant like caffeine to their soylent as a cognitive performance enhancer? What would the taste be like with, say, 100mg in a days worth? How long would the effect from the first meal last? Is there any way to be sure that the caffeine won’t interact negatively with other ingredients in soylent?

This is a subject that I know very little about, so I figure someone here might be able to throw their two cents in.


I usually mix a few tablespoons of cappuccino mix into mine for breakfast. Works about as well as drinking a cup of coffee, and tastes great


I don’t mix it in as I’d be concerned about the taste being too negatively impacted. I take caffeine in capsule form… was making my own for a while but it was too much hassle considering I can get single capsules of Caffeine + Theanine for quite cheap. So that’s what I take as my “cognitive enhancement”. :slight_smile: Not quite a true nootropic IMO but, works well for me!


My opinion is that cognitive speeds like those enhanced by caffeine make you think faster – and more superficially, which is why long periods of evolution didn’t encourage that style of thinking in your brain to begin with.


@vanclute, on days when you don’t take it, do you find that you are worse off than you were before you started taking it?

@geneven, that’s something I’m worried about as well, but it seems like the increased focus could allow people to see a problem in more depth. In my case, I actually have a disorder where my comprehension and memory compensate for my severely handicapped processing speed, so increasing processing speed would be good for me even if it does cause me to think more superficially.


You could always take some NoDoz and see how it affects you. If it works consider adding it to your Soylent. I would recommend getting a very precise scale so you don’t accidentally OD yourself.


There’s always coffee, which continues to make me happy (although I need less now that I’m a Soylenteer).


Sounds like it’s worth a try, codemaker. Usually I think that people with less-common thinking styles should take advantage of them, not get rid of them, but maybe you’re the exceptional case.


I’ll often add a couple of spoonfuls of instant coffee to my morning Soylent dose when grabbing a cup of coffee isn’t convenient. I’d recommend trying something like that first.

Back when I was doing the DIY thing, I had to split my soylent into Morning and Evening batches, with the majority of my vitamin mix in the Morning batch because it had so much extra Niacin in it. Using a single batch caused me to have trouble sleeping. I suspect adding a stimulant to your entire day’s worth may have the same effect. You might consider trying a split batch as well.


CVS drug stores sell 200mg tablets in 80pc bottles.


It’s tough to really quantify since I’m not doing any specific testing to evaluate my performance with/without. I know that caffeine is highly susceptible to tolerance buildup, so I do occasionally skip the added caffeine. My usual does is 160mg of caffeine to 320mg of L-Theanine, taken in a combination capsule form from (also sold under a brand name “smart caffeine” but it’s the same stuff for a bit more money). The effects of caffeine + theanine are so smooth that it’s easy to overlook them. Mostly at this dosage level I just find I feel slightly more “up” for the day, but nothing super extraordinary… just a pleasant boost.

Once I increased the dosage to 4x capsules (320 mg caffeine and 640mg of theanine) and found that was a bit too much. My eyes kinda bulged most of the day and I felt uncomfortably amped… though not as wired as I would be from say a large Starbucks Frappacino. I now stay under 3 capsules as my upper limit, but most days stick with 2 in the morning, and occasionally 2 more in the afternoon if I need to stay up and work late.


I once spent a weekend in Provo with some Mormons. Behind closed doors, a couple of them would open their LDS-sanctioned soda cans (caffeine-free Coke, Sprite–all the Coke machines on campus only offered caffeine free), and dropped in a Vivarin tablet or two.

From this I took it that caffeine pills don’t have a strong taste.


When I was in my early 20s, my “coffee” was hot chocolate with a crushed up vivarin in it. I had to add sugar to the already full-sugar hot cocoa mix in order to make it palatable… caffeine is extremely bitter and difficult to mask. That’s why I prefer it in capsules… no taste at all.


Okay, I guess the secret caffeine addicts of LDS just tolerated the taste because they were jonesing.


Yep I’m sure they were. Plus like just about anything, one can get used to it. Black coffee is bitter, yet plenty of people grow to prefer it…


I’ll try measuring my reactions to caffeine on quantified-mind then, and If it goes well then I’ll try adding some to my soylent when it gets here in 4 months or so.

That caffeine and L-theanine combo looks more interesting the more I hear about it, I might give it a try if the caffeine makes me too jittery.


The combination is really remarkable. Seems weird to take a sedative (even a really mild one) with a stimulant, but the two are just amazing together.


I like to replace a third of my water with coffee from time to time. I like the taste a lot, so it is one of my variations. FYI PB2 peanut butter powder is my other favorite variation.


Oh that’s a great point. I don’t drink coffee but this summer we had a guest, and I made them a batch of Soylent made with (cooled) fresh coffee instead of plain water. I made the coffee a bit too strong, so reports were that it was very “eye opening” LOL but extremely tasty. Like a Starbucks beverage. On those rare occasions that I do have a coffee drink, it’s usually iced mocha or a Starbucks Frappacino, and coffee-brewed Soylent would very extremely similar if thickened up with blended ice.


Ooh… now there’s an idea. Normally I can’t stand the taste of plain coffee, and the usual cuppa has a ton of sugar and creamer (fake or otherwise).

Cappucino soylent? Yeah, there’s gonna be a day dedicated to that experiment in the near future :smile: