Adding ingredients to DIY website


I’ve been trying to add a new ingredient to my recipe on the DIY recipe site but after entering all the data and clicking save, the ingredient does not add. What am I doing wrong? I’m in the recipe editor and have clicked on +add ingredient, entered all the data and clicked save. This is what I’ve done before and from what I remember it used to work. Haven’t had to update my recipe in a while and noticed the site has changed dramatically. Looks great but I hope I can still add ingredients that haven’t been used by others and are therefore not available for copying.


This is very likely a bug in the system. @JulioMiles should know who to poke to make this work.


@nickp manages the DIY site.


Hi @amy,

Could you let me know which browser you are using and your username on the DIY site? I’ll take a look.



It’s working now. Not sure what the problem was this morning. I actually was able to add the ingredient this a.m. by editing another one with all the data from the new ingredient and it worked. Now I can add from scratch again.


Cannot POST /ingredients/what-e-ver-you-se-lec-ted/add-to-recipe
as only content on an otherwise blank page, as result of a click on “+ add to recipe” on the “ingredients” page.

Selecting the ingredient, then the blue “add to recipe” button gives… something like a JSON data object, shown as text in the browser.

Hitting “add ingredient” directly on the recipe, then search and add… you get a new ingredient, but it’s completely empty, i.e. all minerals/vitamins/… details are just blank.


I’m having the exact same problems as @PatD. Same results in Firefox, Chrome and Opera.


Looking into it now… thanks for the reports.


I’ve just pushed a bunch of fixes regarding adding ingredients to recipes. Let me know if there are any more problems.


Works here™. Cool. Thanks.