Adding nutrients: veg and fruit powders and fulvic acid with trace minerals?


I have been researching and planning my own diy soylent recipe, basically trying to stay away from ingredients which cause me issues, gluten, dairy, soy, and the like. I have been looking at different ways to get my micronutrients. I have a diy which is in the green, but the hand full of pills doesn’t sound appealing. Therefore, I have been looking at different ways to add the vitamins in. The most interesting to me at this point are the fruit and vegetable powder blends, which provide basically food derived multivitamin. All of the brands I have seen lacked calcium magnesium phosphorus and zinc ect. For some brands this is even a selling point.

I was thinking that I need minerals to add to to the powders, and ran into fulvic acid. According to what I have read fulvic acid is found in fertile mineral rich soils, however the over farmed less mineral rich soils have a lower concentrations. And sounds better than a couple of grams of dirt in the mix. Kidding! Fulvic acid supposedly increases the absorption of minerals at the cellular level, helps to remove heavy metals and free radicals, balances electrolytes, decreases inflammation stops viruses from reproducing and the list goes on. I have seen a lot of companies selling fulvic acid with trace minerals claiming little to no taste. And is best consumed over the day, seems like it was made for soylent. My issue is that they give the minerals and vitamins in the products, but I haven’t seen one where they give amounts of these minerals.

Has anyone else went this route with food powders for vitamins and natural minerals?