Adding Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites to Soylent


Anyone try adding Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites (like this: to their Soylent for extra protein?
Going to give it a go starting next week. Curious to know of anyone else’s experience.


Egg whites are tasty although you can get them cheaper at the store and even cheaper still at COSTCO.


I do :slight_smile: It makes it extra creamy!


Consuming egg whites could lead to increased hair loss.


Do you have any reasoning or citation for that claim? Raw egg whites vs. pasteurized egg whites? How many egg whites per day leading to how much hair loss? Anything. Please.


What? Where did you hear that?


Egg whites have avidin in them that could contribute to hair loss. I have no idea about the number of egg whites that need to be consumed regularly for that to happen. It could be just a few or a lot.


Wow, if people weren’t complaining about the texture enough already!