Adding radium to foods


The Radium Girls and the Generation that brushed its Teeth with Radioactive Toothpaste
It was a time in history when the dangers of radiation were not well understood by the general public. At the dawn of the 20th century, radium was America’s favourite new miracle ingredient, and radium-based household commercial products had become the norm, from cold remedies and toothpaste to wool for babies, children’s toys and even drinking water.

I immediately thought that if Soylent had been created in the early 1900s someone would be clamoring to add radium for “vigor.”

Bonus: Radium chocolate!



Because describing my reaction would take a lot more than 20 characters.


Radium added Soylent please!

Or just use this…


“Sold for protection against disease”…I guess a condom manufacturer might consider healthy children to be a disease.


You can’t have a serious discussion about irradiated foods without bringing up Eben Byers and Radithor.