Adding Xylitol to Soylent


I’ve been reading up on dental care recently and have found this guide to have good oral health, without seeing a dentist. One of the things they recommend is 6-10 grams of Xylitol daily.

I started shopping around for Xylitol gum and mints, but I’d have to consume 6-10 pieces of gum a day, or 12-20 mints, which would end up being a huge expenditure on my part.

Then I found that I can just buy granular Xylitol and was wondering… Would I get the same effect if I just added it to Soylent?


Xylitol can cause stomach distress and has a distinct cooling effect when it hits your mouth. You might want to check out erythritol, it is also a sugar alcohol that has similar properties but has less negative effects. Both of those things should help with oral health, make the soylent sweeter and not add significant calories.


What sorts of stomach distress? I don’t think I’d mind the mouth cooling(mint is my favorite flavor), but if I’m going to be consuming it every day I don’t want to feel like garbage.

Also, if I were to add erythritol to my Soylent, about how much would I want per day/serving?


It depends on the person and the types of bacteria prevalent in their gut but xylitol can cause bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea if you take too much too fast. You could possibly build your tolerance.

Erythritol is about 70% as sweet as sugar and should have similar effects per dosage as xylitol (research isn’t 100% conclusive how the two compare). You could try 6-10 grams to begin with :slight_smile:


Alright, I’m thinking about using Soylent as a catalyst to cause some major change in my life(starting with dental health) so this should help a lot.


The benefits for Xylitol are due its the presence in the mouth, and not from actually digesting it, right? That’s what I recall from last reading up on it.

You can buy xylitol-base mouthwash, or even buy it xylitol in bulk for cheap and make your own. The gum comes in handy when you’re out and about and don’t have a chance to brush your teeth after a meal.


It being in the mouth is the essential part, however, consuming Soylent also requires putting it in the mouth. I kinda figured “two birds, one sip”


There is ‘being in the mouth’ and ‘coming into contact with a surface’. The article says ‘consume’ so you would have to eat or ingest said product, meaning it should be addable into Soylent.

While I haven’t read much on Xylitol, I do feel I should issue a word of caution. Be careful what sources you read and their relation to the product. If the source was payed for by the manufacturer of a product then expect the source to be biased in favor of the product. Ideally you should find a 3rd party who cares neither if the product succeeds or flops.


Xylitol was discovered in the 19th century. It exists in nature in certain fruits and even our body makes some. In studies where they made people eat like 2 kg of it a month there was no toxicity at all, no mutagenic effects either.

The worst that can happen is you get the shits if you eat too much too fast. It is toxic as hell to doggies tho (gives them hypoglycemia), so keep it away from them.


This is completely irrelevant, but fair warning: Xylitol’s endothermic reaction causes funky side effects in any flavor it touches. Case in point, I love cinnamon gum, but the last xylitol cinnamon gum I tried I had trouble chewing because it didn’t really taste like cinnamon (although it certainly did smell like it).


I use about 10 grams per day in my DIY as well as chewing xylitol gum 2-3 times per day. Stomach problems should be a non-issue if you ramp up gradually rather than going straight from no xylitol to a lot of xylitol. Personally I haven’t noticed anything weird about the taste – it just tastes like sugar to me. In addition to the dental benefits, it’s supposed to be good for blood sugar as well.

This is the xylitol that I use:

And the gum I most commonly use:

The price on Amazon is kind of high right now. I normally shop around to try to find a better price, as it tends to vary.


I chew this gum, three pieces at once. I bought it so I’d have something to chew on when I switched to Soylent.


Yeah, the pieces are so small that it’s difficult to chew just one. Two is sufficient for me – a fresh fruit flavor plus a cinnamon flavor is a good combination, or just two fresh fruits. I tried the Epic Dental brand due to its larger size, and one piece of it is passable but still not great.


Xlear is based out of a city about 20 minutes away from me. I’ll see if they have a factory outlet or similar…


Has anyone checked this with a dentist? It looks interesting, but it also looks like an advertisement.


My dentist keeps a big bowl of Xylitol gum (Orbit brand) on her receptionist’s desk.


Xylitol can doubtless cause stomach distress, but you usually need to have a lot more of it than some of the other polyols like sorbitol to cause that.

I used to eat it sometimes, I quite like it, it’s relatively expensive though; I never had any stomach distress at all. Like the other polyols you wouldn’t want to eat hundreds of grams of it per day, but a few teaspoons is not likely to be any problem.