Additional mixture food


Did you guys thought of additional real food, wich could be beneficial when eating/drinking Soylent, in the process of making soylent 1.0
mixture wise,… XD what is recommend people drinking soylent and also want occasionally real food.

Anyway can’t wait to order my months supply of Soylent! here in the Netherlands(date?)


your thinking of food that might help with cravings? or nutritional benefits? or are you thinking if there is some food that contains stuff that soylent doesn’t?, Personly I think the soylent “project” is awesome, as the more who does it, the more everyone will learn about nutrition.

I can’t wait myself until I can order my first batch to Denmark! I hope it will be possible before mid 2014 :confused: I evny all the americans who will be getting their first batch in a months time.


Cravings i dunno,… i have to try Soylent first :slight_smile: but yes i like bread so what would be the effect of eating bread in combination with Soylent,… my guess eating bread with Soylent could help to absorb all ingredients in Soylent for the better ;p
Furthermore i do different things each day,. so would the energy supply be sufficient every other day,.?

And yes mebbe some “stuff” isn’t in Soylent because we don’t really need it,… but could be beneficial in some sort of secondarily process.

But my real question is,… could some fruits or mebbe vegetables etc,… be helpful in, boosting/absorbing or some other effect, drinking Soylent. Are there aspects of eating wich could not be added to Soylent,…

I am gonne try Soylent for 1 month without any other food :slight_smile: i had liek to see this as a healthy diet see if my energy goes up :smile: for me the idee of not missing out on any nutrients or vitamins will be satisfying, i tend to skip a meal on some days.

My live will be all the more healthier!!


@vegetano1, for my personal DIY recipe I’ve taken to baking. With the recent addition of baking powder into the mix, it now has the texture (and roughly the flavor) of bread.

Depending on other ingredients and how much liquid you mix in, I’ve made cakes, cookies, etc. It takes a bit more time to prepare than a shake, but I can make multiple days and flavors of food at a time and it will last without spoiling. This has enabled me to juggle between different flavors of the same basic soylent in a single day or meal, making the whole experience even more enjoyable.


You use the Soylent with baking powder to bake bread? didn’t know this. will vitamins be ok with this to bake?

edit:nvrmind:“For those of you worried about nutrient loss, the heat sensitive vitamins come mostly from the multi, which ISN’T mixed in. Minerals generally remain bioavailable even after heating.”

I think i had prefer a sandwich with a Soyalent Shake XD just to be sure.

Hope Soyalent won’t be to expensive over here,… often 250$ is like 250euro over here,… regardless of the exchange rate XD hehe


What I said about the multi only applies to my DIY formula. Plenty other recipes (as well as the official Soylent) use vitamin powder mixed into the soylent, which would potentially degrade.

If you’re going the DIY route, there’s plenty of websites with decent bulk food prices that you can purchase from online. Since I mix a weeks worth of powder at once (about 1 1/2 cups of mix per day), bake batches in bulk (about 3 days worth) and store it dry, there’s plenty of time savings to be had. I’m currently munching on a spicy/garlicy soylent, a cherry cake soylent, and a mild, neutral flavored soylent that I’m combining with pumpkin cream cheese (yum!).

Knowing my own eating habits has helped me tailor soylent to them, rather than the other way around. I incorporate caloric overhead (and reduced sugar in the mix) for snacking, but I still get all the nutrients I need from the single multi + my daily intake.

When I anticipate having Simple Food meals, I cut back on the amount of soylent I eat to compensate. Yesterday, there was a communal breakfast that had bagels, tuna, salmon, etc. I ended up eating half a days soylent at work and saved 1/4 of a day for dinner. This has actually been happening almost all week (wedding, family dinner, etc.) Even with all this excess consumption, I’ve still been losing weight without feeling hungry or deprived in the slightest.


Well, I don’t think eating bread will help you absorb the soylent faster/better, if anything it will slow the process down slightly, mainly you will just get some extra carbs from eating the bread :slight_smile: