Address confirmation email


I received an email on 8/18 asking me to confirm my shipping address and that my soylent would be shipping in the next several weeks. It’s been a month since then and after that i haven’t heard anything else. Just curious how long it took other people to get their soylent after receiving the address confirmation email?


They aren’t sending out the address confirmations in order so I believe that there will be various answers to your question. How much Soylent did you order and when did you order it? That will give you a better idea of when it’s coming.


I ordered 1 weeks worth on 6/15/13.


I believe they are just starting to ship one week backer orders so it shouldn’t be too much longer but maybe someone else has a better idea than I do. You can check the unofficial shipment tracker to get an idea of what’s going on.


Thanks for the info. Hopefully it ships soon!


I I think I think they stalled again. I’m a one week backer too… All the activity I see are reorders or mess ups, but I don’t see any one Weekes really get theirs yet…


On the unofficial shipment tracker link that Nuclear Tree Frog posted. It shows a few 1 weekers that got theirs but not many. Hopefully they haven’t stalled again…


I think the dates are more interesting than the weeks - last one from 9/5 and it was a 1 week order. A bunch of orders are in the tracker from that week, and none since. Kind of seems like they finished out the day by including a few 1-week orders and then put new orders on hold. It doesn’t seem like shipping new orders is continuous, probably it gets more complicated than that with production and keeping enough inventory to handle reorders.


I’m in the same boat. I’m a 1 week backer who jumped on the crowd funding campaign when it opened. Got an email on 8/18 for address confirmation and nothing since. I figure I’ve got to be pretty close to the front of the 1 week orders queue, so I’m back to lurking the forums waiting for news. I’ll post if it looks like I happen to be one of the first 1 weekers. Curse my reasonable caution regarding an untested product!


They need to change the wording in the address confirmation email. Cause when they say “we will be shipping your soylent to you within the next several weeks.” To me that means within 3 weeks from the email they will ship it to me.


I got my address confirmation email 9/6, it said I should reply by 9/10 if my address had changed. Haven’t heard anything since. Just went to the Soylent backerkit website and it says the project is now closed.

Ordered one week in September 5th, 2013.



Just got tracking data on My Soylent. Looks like it’ll be arriving on Friday or Monday. So, that’s almost a month even from “verify your address”(Aug 18) to “we’ve shipped your Soylent”(Sept 17).


Good that means they are still shipping at least. Hopefully I’ll get my email soon saying they are shipping mine.


Update: Just received an email saying they shipped my order and it will be delivered next week!


I got mine today as expected. Looks like one week orders are in full swing :smile: .


Ordered 1 week supply 1st Dec 2013, still nothing. This blows, i’m the earliest on that unofficial tracker list and still nothing. Alrecenk, do you have the exact date you ordered?


Dug through my past emails, and it looks like my Soylent payment was charged on 5/29/2013.