Adjusting after side-effects

I’ve been drinking soylent 1.5 for 2 meals every day since my soylent first arrived, and since the first day I’ve experienced alot of light-headedness and some vision problems. I’m thinking that I more than likely didn’t give my body time to adjust to the change in diet, but I was wondering if there were people who experienced something similar and got passed it. I’ve been reading through the discourse and can’t seem to find anyone talking about getting passed these types of side effects. Any help is much appreciated!

I haven’t experienced any such side-effects, and I was almost 100% Soylent 1.5 for more than a year. I imagine the key in your case is either the difference between what you have been used to consuming and Soylent, or simply past activities finally catching up with you.

Other possibilities: maybe you are paying more attention now and noticing symptoms that you wouldn’t have noticed previously. Or maybe you started with Soylent because you dimly sensed that something was wrong with your diet and whatever was wrong is still having its effect.

In any case, I hope that these symptoms fade away! They are not typical.

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Yeah, I guess switching from a 100% burger King and taco bell diet to soylent is a pretty steep jump. Thanks! I’m gonna give it another go starting on smaller portion sizes

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The headaches sound like typical dehydration symptoms. Most people when they switch to Soylent experience some short term dehydration till their bodies adjust. Also be aware that Soylent is deficient in sodium so it would be a good idea to eat something salty or add a little salt to your 1.5.


Might be “sugar crash”, GI of 1.5 is pretty high so the light-headedness might be caused by a sudden spike in blood glucose. Try adding more fibre or drink slowly.

The GI of 1.5 is 65 and a GL of 35.

A moderate GI is 56-69.

So 1.5 isn’t “pretty high”. I will admit it is higher than I would like.

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I don’t particularly have a head ache of any kind. But I’ve read some people saying that the GI was too much for them. I’m still bent on making this work so I’m gonna give it shot once my next order arrives. I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks so much

I agree with horsfield’s salt hypotheses.

Just a serious heads up about sodium. I was recently diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease (either Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis… they need to do more tests to figure out which it is.)

The few days before I went to the hospital, I was having trouble eating solid food and was mostly surviving on bananas, Soylent, and gatorade. On the day I finally went to the hospital, I had decided that the gatorade was upsetting my stomach so I mostly just ate Soylent and drank water. The problem is that I forgot about the low sodium thing in Soylent, so I was not getting anywhere near enough electrolytes. This was also due, I’m sure, to my colon being so damaged that it was having trouble absorbing the sodium that passed through.

Now I think I was probably already low in sodium around three days before I went to the hospital because I was experiencing random red-outs without getting up quickly. My vision would just cloud over while I was talking to somebody or looking at something.

Anyway, so when I went to the ER for the final time (the third time was the charm for them to determine that I was seriously messed up and needed to be sent to intensive care), my sodium level had dropped to a dangerously low level of 116 mEq/L. Apparently (I was somewhat out of it for a few days and my wife and dad have had to describe this to me after the fact) they had to very carefully raise my sodium level by slowly and precisely giving me massive amounts of fluids around the clock (to the point I put on 30 pounds [25% of my weight] in water weight) so that I could get my sodium level back to normal without experiencing brain damage.

So not to scare anybody (and my situation was abnormal in many respects due to the inflammation of my colon), but getting proper levels of sodium is very important!


The effect on me of having Soylent-levels of salt and zero salt supplementation for a year was zero that I noticed.

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Yeah the worst I’ve had is a headache.

I would agree with the dehydration since you are drinking your food you tend to forget to drink extra water along with it. I hear plenty of people saying you should add more salt for many other symtoms.


Read the friendly manual. There’s mention of Soylent being designed as low sodium for those users who need such a diet. I add about a teaspoon of table salt to my soylent when it gets mixed in the blender.

Yeah, like I said, I had known that it was low in sodium (i.e. I had read the friendly manual), but I had forgotten probably partly because I was horribly ill and not thinking clearly. And again, I’m sure a lot of the problem was that my colon was messed and I was having constant bloody diarrhea. It was not pretty and definitely an out-of-the-ordinary situation. I just wanted to point out that it can be dangerous.

I did have some issues the first with with explosive diarrhea, that cleared up after 7 days. I have been using Soylent to make better eating decisions and eating habits.

I eat 500 calories two times a day for breakfast and lunch, then I eat a sensible dinner - landing at a total 1800 calories per day. I do add 12 grams of psyllium husk to 2 liters of Soylent.

I hope no one is drinking Soylent to cure any ailment or disease, I think this is where people get disappointed.

If you having headaches and vision problems you need to go to a doctor, period.

The light headedness thing happened to me, as well. I backed off on the Soylent 2.0 and then I eased back onto Soylent and that problem went away. I think it has to do with Glycemic Index as well.

I get headaches sometimes, I assume because of low sodium. But I’ve also been having migraines long before the creation of Soylent.

Edit: err, didn’t check the dates on this thread oops

Since this has been revived …

Back in the 1.3 days if I would forget to put the oil in the mix and drink it right after ( I mix single servings ).
I would be lightheaded/foggy for a couple of hours.
I am a type 1.5 diabetic so I also assume it was a factor.
Was going to post but about the time 1.4 came out and it became not an issue.
figured @muggle might be willing to try it based on.

@vanclute is the only one I know that is still doing 1.3.
Not sure if it related but figured i would finally say something.

edit: btw I did this unintentional experiment about three times at least a week apart.