Adjusting to life without diy. Cliffs: Harder than I thought


Only been on people chow premium for about a month…Ordered 2 weeks {lasted about a month, doing 1-2 meal replacements per day} as a trial and I’ve got to say that I’ve become quite used to it.

Still not a fan of the prep, which is really only about 10 mins including clean-up since I use a hand wand/mixer to break down the chia seeds. But buying a couple more pitchers would def help, and compared to solid food prep is a no brainer…I guess I’m looking to automate and streamline the process even more…And I can be lazy, lets not forget that.

Just a quick budget readjustment and I’ll be ordering more…Can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually can’t wait to start up again…:slight_smile:


About two months back when I ordered a week of People Chow from @axcho I ran a small experiment on my self. I consumed 60%-70% DIY the first three days, cut my self off for the next three and ate a large amount of fatty/sodium-rich foods, then put my self back on DIY for the next three days.

First three days: Completely even energy throughout the day, the speed of my mental processes was improved by quite a bit, and I had a sudden burst of motivation.

Second three days: Bad mood swings, high highs and low lows, irritated over nothing, very little motivation.

Third three days: Same as the first three, felt wonderful again.

I’d never noticed these mood swings until I started consuming DIY, but apparently they’re just a regular thing for me, a byproduct of a bad diet. DIY’s definitely helped me discover some stuff I didn’t know about my self. And sure, the obvious heightened overall quality of life while on DIY should have been obvious beforehand, but it was definitely interesting to find out firsthand. It’s hard NOT to be on soylent now!


This is exactly the kind of thing that you can answer to the question, “Why would anyone every want to use Soylent?”

That’s awesome. I’m glad I could help inspire you to start making your own DIY and go into business for yourself as well. How’s that going so far? :slight_smile:


It’s definitely going a bit slow, sold one week and a sample so far, but that’s to be expected when you’re just starting up.

Almost forgot to thank you for providing pre-made DIY early on. If you hadn’t, there’s a good chance it would have taken me quite a while longer to get into DIY soylent; down from 223lbs to 182lbs without it just by cutting back, so I think it’s time to lose the last twenty pounds or so while eating perfectly healthy and convenient meals.


I’ll probably be trying the sample on Sunday–let you know how it goes then!


You’re welcome, @DrSkittlesworth! :slight_smile: Where are you selling now? Just on Powdered Foods? Once you have a good link (on the new beta site, maybe) you should go ahead and add it to your profile bio here on the forum, so people can find it that way.

If you’d like, I can refer people to you with your chocolate-flavored 1600-calorie blend if they come to me looking for a custom recipe that would be similar. Would that help?

Thanks @asympt. I was just having some Schmoylent today because there was a little left over (normally I have Ax Fuel, my custom blend), and I noticed that the flavor, while better than the “you call this vanilla?” of the non-organic rice protein, was less vanilla than the initial batches of Schmoylent I had when I was designing the recipe, even though it was the exact same brand and product of organic vanilla rice protein. So… I’m just afraid of getting your hopes up, @asympt. I’m not sure what I’ll do. I mean, it doesn’t taste bad, just not as Soylent-like as I’d found initially. It looks like it is possible to get natural vanilla extract in quantity on Amazon, so maybe I’ll start experimenting with that. I don’t know though. If people are already liking Schmoylent I don’t want to mess with it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Watch out with natural vanilla. One of the (many) reasons vanillin is used in place of natural vanilla in most cases is that natural vanilla has HUGE variation in composition, and can have dangerously high levels of coumarin. It’s generally considered acceptable under normal circumstances (ie, eating a dessert with a small amount every once in a while), but not in something you eat/drink every day.


That would definitely be appreciated, thanks a bunch!

I’m currently selling on the beta Powdered Foods website, advertising on Craigslist and selling on Ebay. I’m also getting ready to sell a 2000 calorie version of the same blend and doing research on tweaking the carb/fat/protein ratio to create more specialized versions, or simply see if I can “improve” this recipe.


I’ve mixed it tonight. It’s very thin when you fill a two-liter pitcher mixed with it.


That’s good to know. Texture is a huge portion of how enjoyable food is for me, and I much prefer a thinner mix than a thick, so that might have been unfairly reflected in my instructions. I’ll revise my instructions and let people know they should use less water if they prefer a more thick DIY, sorry about that!


Well, I’ll be tasting it in the morning. I’ve found that when I don’t like a soylent flavor it’s better to dilute it, so–not knowing if I’ll like this flavor or not–maybe I’ll prefer it that way anyway.


Useful tip thanks.

Looks like there needs to be FDA regulations on what to use and what not to use and RDI limits for nutrients in meal replacements and substitutes. These are not the same as vitamin pills or desserts/ice-creams. These are ‘foods’ that people will consume everyday.