Adjustments and deficiencies


As I read more accounts about people’s individual experiences with the soylent lifestyle, and it seems that most people who are making their own blend do need to adjust their formulas occasionally to make up for nutritional deficiencies. These often are micro-minerals or nutrients that I can’t pronounce, much less have ever heard of or know their functions.

My question is how do folks know what they’re missing? While I’m sure that most of the major vitamins and minerals have pretty tell-tale signs (like getting Scurvy, for example) some of the really specific ones seem harder to pinpoint. If you’re going for an 80-90% soylent lifestyle, how do you tell what’s missing in your formula? Is there a chance that some of the less major compounds would generally be made up with occasional food?


Decent enough question. There is no way to be absolutely sure. While most of us try to be fairly precise there is always “slop”, so even if your formula is 100% complete you might be missing some nutrients by the end of the day to a variety of factors: Residue, bio-availability, sloppy measurements, etc.

The only way to be 100% sure if you’re getting everything you need is via a comprehensive blood test. That will be able to tell you if you’re deficient in anything and from there, you can “top off” your formula with a bit more of the extra you need. The reason for this is that while our formulas are built off of generalized recommendations, everyone’s body is different.

For me, I’m coming from a place where I’m fairly certain I was deficient in anything, so I’m already much better off than I was. Just remember, your body has a remarkable ability to adapt, so you’re likely not going to be showing signs of deficiency for a couple of months (similar to how Rob discovered he was low on sulfur). If I find I’m craving something, odds are that there’s something in that food my body figured out I need, and is wanting me to eat it. That’s usually the first clue we get.


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