Advice and comments on my DIY soylent


Hi guys, I’ve been living off this for a few days

It’s a blend which is almost identical to soyHD. It tastes good and my energy and hunger levels throughout the day are pretty good
The changes i have made is adding a little bit more olive oil, tinkering with the ratio of carbs and protein a bit, and taking out the potassium gluconate and magnesium citrate (i feel i get enough from the other sources so i can avoid using these supplements. I’m also a little scared of them!)
I also use a little less xanthan gum (i prefer it thinner) and some other very minor modifications

A little about me, i weigh 70kg and i do frequent weight training (heavy powerlifting and olympic lifting) at least 3x a week. I’ve always lived a very healthy lifestyle

I do however, have a few quesitons for other DIY soylenters out there.

Firstly, there is quite a lot of it! A days worth is 2500 cals and roughly ends up as 20 scoops of 70ml. Right now, i try to eat about 4-5 meals a day each consisting of 4-5 scoops with an equal amount of water. Basically, i have about 1400ML of powder, which is quite a lot! Are other soylent blends like this?

How do you guys feel about the nutrition of my blend? On paper it seems good, and it tastes fantastic! The mix of carbs really helps the taste and gives a good steady release of energy throughout the day
Has anyone used a blend similar to this one?

When i started this i got a sore throat and some very mild cold like symptoms (blocked nose at night + sore throat in mornings). I kind of doubt this illness is related to my blend or consumption of soylent. On the bristol stool scale i’ve been getting very dark stool on the scale of 5. I feel this may be due to the illness but i’m not sure. I’m hoping that my illness clears up in a few days and i can continue testing. I’ve been having about 1 “normal” meal every other day so far for the last 4 days so maybe i’ve eaten something bad.
I’m pretty sure the fiber content for my blend is OK so yeah, i’m not so sure really.
Does anyone know good ways of increasing the fiber content? Any suggestions?

Someone in the soyHD comments mentioned that this blend may contain hidden large amounts of maganese in the oat flour which could be dangerous. Any comments? Do you feel that this blend would be safe to consume for the majority of my diet? (>90%, the other 10% being snack/junk/pleasure/fun/social food)

I’ll continue eating this diet and report back on how things go! I’m feeling great (save for my illness) so far and hopefully things go well. Feel free to ask me any questions also


Looks like a pretty good start!

Most food products do not list all their nutrients on their label and your oats are no exception. I suggest using the amounts for oats in the USDA database for your oats. Since it is by weight, put in the same amount and it will be equivalent to you oat flour. You will see the Manganese go in the red. not to worry, there has never been a case of manganese toxicity.

In 2001, The National Academy of Sciences established a Tolerable
Upper Intake Level (UL) of 11 mg for total daily manganese intake. This
is based on the upper amount of manganese found in the diet of healthy
people according to a recent survey.
Dietary manganese levels can be surprisingly high in some
populations. Unlike most required dietary minerals, there is a potential
for people to eat far greater than the UL on a regular basis. A cup of
wheat germ or a quarter-pound of hazelnuts would be two examples of
single foods that would be above this upper limit.
Since the upper limit number is not based on symptoms, but on
observations about regular human diet patterns, this may not be
problematic. To date, there have not been reports of toxicity symptoms
from manganese intake from foods alone.

For potassium you are going to have to decide between the LoSalt, the table salt and the Potassium Gluconate, because your potassium is low. The potassium gluconate is not much different that the LoSalt and you might need to add a bit to prevent your chloride from going to high.

Amount of powder: A 2000 calorie such as PeopleChow has about 4 rounded cups which would be about 1000-1200 ml of powder. It is not a stretch that 2500 calories would easily be 1500 ml.

Your iron is a bit above DRI. I only mention this because many men have blood iron levels that are way too high, and if you are a man( women too would benefit) you will benefit greatly in the long run to have regular blood tests done to check things such as iron and other nutrients in your blood.

Sore thoat might be getting sick, only time will tell.


Thanks for the reply!

I’ll see about the iron and look up on it. So far i don’t think it should be harmful. What do you think i should look out for? Most GP’s in the uk will refuse to give me a blood test without a very very good reason, especially not a full blood work.


Iron levels change very slowly in the body. It will not be harmful. Excess iron generally take many years to do damage.

Here in the US when you go to donate blood they test your iron level. Though this would only be one test for one thing this might be something to think about. Everyone should donate if they can anyway.

I suppose “experemental diet” does not count as a very very good reason. Here it is easy to get blood tests done. Heck many doctors want you to get one every time so they can moniter your cholesterol and such.


Why involve a doctor?


Hi guys so an update

On the diet my stool has become extremely soft and mushy, and a very very dark colour. Im not sure if the colour is because of the cocoa added? I think this might be the result of a lack of fiber in the diet. Do any of you guys have suggestions for adding some fiber to see if this resolves the problem?


Probably the cocoa. At least that has been my observation, even though I find discussion on such matters distasteful, I will say when I dropped cocoa from my soylent I was surprised at the change, then made the connection.


Makes sense

Do you have any recommendation as to adding fiber content? Right now it’s definitely not normal and way too mushy

Not sure if that is because of lack of fiber but it’s definitely indicating something is missing

Funny thing is in my previous diets (normal food) i cant imagine myself getting much fiber (it was mostly chicken with pasta) but i never had any problems


As for fibre, if you can stand the chocolate taste 7 days a week, there is fibre in cocoa, you could increase that. I would avoid psyllium husks - whilst cheap, they are also nasty. I have had success with dextrin (specifically wheat dextrin in the benefiber product) but it is not cheap. I managed to find some on sale so I stocked up, but I currently use 20 g a day if it. Oat bran is another option, but watch out for manganese. I use 97 g of that at the moment as it gives me some alternate carbs and protein too. But it does need to soak overnight and be well blended before drinking.


I’ll see if i can buy some benefiber and see how it goes

I only actually got my lo-salt yesterday so i’ve been adding it to the mix. It could simply be that i havnt been getting enough salts in my diet! I’ll see how the lo-salt goes first since technically i already have 25g of fiber in my blend (not sure about the ratios/amounts of insoluble/soluble fiber)

If it doesnt work out in a day or two (since i think that’s all it takes right?) then i’ll add the benefiber and see how that goes


One or two days. One thing I will say about adjusting fiber - try to avoid eating anything else during the evaluation phase - you may end up not getting enough because other sources were compensating. Also maybe double check how much water you are ingesting with or without soylent. Finally, be prepared to abandon your test and go back to solid food for a day or two if things are just too mushy - it can happen.